A Life Time of Hopes and Dreams Shattered

Once there was a young girl who enjoyed playing with Barbie dolls and spent hours pretending to be Mike Nesmith from the Monkees. (I liked his little hat!)  As she grew, she found new interests like New Kids on the Block and Jem and the Holograms, but one thing remained consistent: her exposure to a little daytime drama called General Hospital. She first started watching as a young girl with her mother ( I have no idea how old I was). I can remember the old Edward and when the Quartermaine children got SORAS.

And one day, without warning, she got hooked.

She fell in love with the characters and tuned in every afternoon after school. (I will refer to this time as the golden era…circa 1993-1997)

She cried when Robin was diagnosed with HIV and when Stone died and was deeply invested in Jagger and Karen’s relationship. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, her all-time favorite GH pairing was created: Jason and Robin.  She basked in their teenage romance. She rooted for Sonny and Brenda. And it was good.

Then the young woman went off to college. At times she would stray from the show due to having a “life,” but somehow she always found her way back. Even though the passion wasn’t there anymore, there was a comfort in watching and the show continued to be entertaining. No matter how long she was away, she could pick the story up easily, like she had never left.

Eventually, again, she is unsure when, the show went from tolerable to just plain painful. With the mob running the show and the writers completely ruining the characters she loved. And yet, she was still compelled to watch. Even when she stopped, they always somehow found a way to pull her back in – with a fire, a hostage crisis or a wedding. And like a dog who continues to beg, eventhough he only gets an occasional scrap at the table, she watches waiting for the day when she doesn’t hate it anymore. (I especially blame the invention of the DVR for making this addiciton extremely convenient)

Until then…she will use this blog to release the pain inside and try to find peace in the acceptance that this show is just plain crap.


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