Quick before it explodes!

Since Friday’s episode I kept thinking in the back of my mind that I needed to post before my feelings change. That is because I am feeling pleased with a plot line. And history tells me that this will not last long.

The plot line in question? Robin having postpartum depression. But this pleasure snuck up on me. At first I was so annoyed that they had Robin and Patrick fighting over stupid little things again. “Oh Patrick is such a better father.” Please.

Then came  the “very special episode” where instead of showing Robin’s difficulty with being a mother getting worse they decided to have Patrick hit us on the head with the postpartum hammer.  This annoyed me to no end. Why is it that they have to tell us what they are doing before showing the plot to get us there?

I felt that I was doomed to hate this plot line. I dubbed it yet another story line that could actually use Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson’s acting abilities (which are amazing when given the opportunity) that instead was done in a painfully horrible manner.

But last week they did something great. They referred back to the old Carly plot line and had her interact with Robin. The whole scene was heart breaking. Carly was responding to Robin’s child and Robin just sat there watching. And the fact that Carly can have a heart on occasion was nice too. I was even shocked that they had her follow up with Patrick and share her concern.  (Did anyone else find it hilarious to hear a character verbalize some of the crazy past story lines? Patrick: Can you share your experiences with postpartum depression? Carly: Michael was kidnapped and I shot his kidnapper in the head. Ha!)

I had no hope for this since most of the characters were running around acting as if this was typical Robin and making excuses. (Has she ever been mean to Elizabeth before?)

And in this episode I realized that all the stuff about Patrick being a good Dad and Robin being bad at being a Mom was actually being used to lead up to this plot line. Foreshadowing! I couldn’t even recognize it because it wasn’t a huge 2×4 to the face.

So for now, I am pleased. I almost can guarantee this will not last. The sweeps mega countdown continues and although most of my GH enjoyment in the past few years have come out of these events, they are also usually full of mob related annoyances. But until then, I will enjoy.


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