Move over FBI…

Jason Morgan is here to save the day for the millionth and one time.

In times like these, I often wonder what they think the average education level is of their viewership? Kindergarten? Preschool? How do they expect us to believe that the FBI would have a mob boss and a brain surgeon handle a biological weapon crisis after 9/11? Seriously? If they really felt the need to do this, couldn’t they have added some wink, wink, nudge, nudge in? Maybe making some outlandish claim that their people can’t get to the hospital because of the toxins or are busy with other terrorist activities? Something? Please?

And not only that, but apparently after they have the untrained neurosurgeon remove said biological weapons from the dead body, the supposed hazmat people that are there do not REMOVE these toxins and end up  just leave them there so that they can be conveniently stolen. What?

Obviously, the writers of GH imagine the level of incompetence of the FBI to be beyond their own…maybe it helps them sleep at night, but the idea of that world scares the crap out of me.


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