Why, Guza? Why?

Following up my friend Tenillypo’s post is difficult. She hit the nail right on the head about this quasi-sweeps spectacular. And I wish I was wrong about the set-up with Leyla – but alas, no.

Yesterday’s episode was difficult to watch. I kept nodding off, hoping that something interesting would happen.  The most exciting aspects of the show continue to be the Scrubs plot, which is unfortunately very small in comparison to the poison ball scenario.

The one thing I can’t deny is that even though I knew Leyla was going to die, even though I knew that her death would be a pointless casualty of a character who was not given any real material, even though I was aghast that they even bothered to cast an actor to play the heart-string pulling fiance who was never mentioned prior to the week leading up to this “crisis” – despite all this, Jason Thompson killed me with his emotional reaction to her death. His tears are my Kryptonite. It saddens me that this is what he has to put all his talent into right now. Especially when he has a perfectly good story that is just waiting, dying for attention.

Which leads me to the other part of the episode worth watching, Robin with baby Emma. Again, the crying. It must be some genetic wiring that messes with my biological clock because I can’t handle hearing this noise. My heart just continues to break, for both the baby and Robin. Just pick her up! She will be happy if you just pick her up! Agh!

I really can’t complain at all about these scenes. They are everything they should be. They create an emotional reaction that happens when you watch good acting mixed with good storytelling. I know, this sensation is not familiar for most GH fans.

My faith that they can sustain this chemistry is being challenged by the “twist” of sending momma and baby out in a snow storm because her mental health issues are just not dramatic enough. 

Wouldn’t Mac, once he discovers Patrick is trapped in the hospital, call Robin and relay this info? Just stay home Robin! You could even go to that occasionally mentioned  other hospital, Mercy.  Now attempting to go to a quarantined hospital may not seem dangerous, but since the hospital lock down seems to be run by Max and Milo, your guess is as good as mine.  And in fact, the dramatic previews show that travelling in snow is the possible danger, not the hospital. So the only thing to really worry about is the disintegration of this great storyline, leaving us with nothing but toxic balls.

Does anyone in the GH writers room understand what organic storytelling is?

Yeah, I didn’t think so either.


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