After watching the last few episodes of GH I have so many questions.

There are the obvious ones – Why do the writers think putting a baby in a tree is a good or plausable decision? Why is the hospital quarantined without anyone actually enforcing it?  And why do I continue to torture myself by holding this show to the laws of logic and reason?

But because I am a logical person, the questions do not stop there.

What were they cauterizing in the OR? Why are Spinelli and quasi-Spinelli a little bit cute despite the annoying dialog? How did Jason know what the hell they were talking about? Didn’t the hazardous spheres (I refuse to continue to call them balls) blow up in the explosion too? Isn’t there poisonous gas everywhere? What is up with the black beret? Why would Trevor need to steal the toxic sphere to escape the hospital? How is it that Carly makes more sense than the writers? Why are the FBI and Port Charles police completely useless? Why didn’t they all just break out of the hospital earlier, if this was an option? Why did they ruin the naturally emotional PPD storyline with so many other contrived plots? WHY DOESN’T THE HOSPITAL HAVE A SPRINKLER SYSTEM? WHY?

Why am I still watching this show? Why do I care enough to ask these questions? What is this feeling? Anger? Hunger? Despair?

It is quite possible that I missed some things. I have  a  nodding off problem and tendency to fast forward at times.

So, if you have answers, please help!


2 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. I think what hurts the most is when you have been watching for so long and remember when it was actually good. It is so hard to see characters that I LOVED turned into boring, senseless people. I completely agree with you. GH has been at its best when it tried to be true to life, like Robin’s HIV story line.

  2. I have watched over 30 years and I think the writers have lost their minds. The term jumped the shark does not even come close. None of this is remotely like real life. They should just watch HOusewives of Orange County and change the names.

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