Our Intellectual GH musings

This is our latest riveting GH chat:

Incandescentflower: I considered posting about GH but I feel as though I keep saying the same things. I’m tired of watching the remake of the Port Charles Hotel Fire.
Tenillypo: yeah
Incandescentflower: it’s just getting so tired. I’m moving from rage to sheer boredom and I hate Spinelli and Winifred. They drove me insane to no end the last few episodes. So now I’m FFing through their parts and Luke and weird Aussie guy.

Tenillypo: yeah, I FF through everything with Luke and Ethan. And Winifred and Spinelli need to both die in a fire
Incandescentflower: …it’s too bad because I like the actor who plays Spinelli, but the language just needs to go. and Teethen is just obnoxious. I only watched him for like two minutes before he annoyed me too much to watch and I have a high tolerance for annoying things on this show.

Incandescentflower: I never realized before how much they like Australians on this show.
Tenillypo: I think it’s one of the only other countries the writers are aware of.
Incandescentflower: yes, I think you may be right and they think that the British are also from there.

The next day….

Tenillypo: do I dare try to watch GH live? no, no I do not
Incandescentflower: I didn’t watch yesterday’s yet. I think I need a GH break.

Tenillypo: my mom and I watched yesterday’s together. she finds the stupidity hysterical
Incandescentflower: she is very right in that assessment
Tenillypo:omg, Trevor is talking about “leverage” again and his “golden ticket” and WHAT THE HELL IS HE TALKING ABOUT?! this show is so DUMB
Incandescentflower: Yeah I don’t understand that concept at all. Why can’t he just walk out of the building?
Tenillypo: I don’t know! It makes no sense! He has no motivation!
Incandescentflower: It is really nonsensical drivel. If they really wanted to make him crazy they could have done some character development to show him losing his mind or something…instead we forget he exists and they bring him out just to steal the biotoxin and threaten people. *facepalm*
Tenillypo: yeah. it’s such lazy, bad writing
Incandescentflower: *nods*

If only there were 12 step programs for our problem….

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