Enough Already!

I’m starting to feel like I’m caught in a time warp while watching GH. When stopping to think about this (dangerous, I know) I realize that we have been watching the same “day” for about a month now. When will it end?

My major issues with the last few episodes include:

Kate. Why are you so obnoxiously desperate? Just tell Sonny or don’t. This is way too reminiscent of the baby Jake secret. Expose the secret and portray the fall out or don’t. I really don’t care which way it goes. Just stop with the whining and complaining about it already. Seriously.

Nikolas. You and the Quartermaines are being super creepy about Emily 2. Good lord. I don’t know why everyone is pretending like long lost twins who have no relationship to the person do not exist in this universe. They do. There is probably one a year. And good for “Rebecca Shaw” for telling Nikolas to stick it and taking the hell off. I’m glad that Monica realizes how weird they are being, but that doesn’t seem to stop them from stalking her. I’m already tired of this story and it hasn’t really started yet.

Robin. So I can’t say with certainty where they’re going with the post-partum depression story line, but at this point they are making it seem like Robin finally was kicked in the ass and had to take care of her own child because she was extremely ill and now… TA DA! Robin is suddenly cured! She now feels like a good mother who helped her child! Problem solved!

I have a huge issue with this. This plays into the societal misconception that mental health issues are solved with mind over matter. You can’t just wish or chose depression away. You need help. You need therapy. You might even need meds. Who is writing this part of the story? Tom Cruise? What a horrible message to be sending to women.

The first two issues are annoyances, but the way the PPD line has been demolished is disgusting. I’m trying to believe that they are not just dropping the issue, but I really have no faith that the writers will come through. I hope for women everywhere that they can turn this around.


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