Dear GH writers,

If you continue to expect me to swallow the crap you are shoveling, please sugar-coat it with an extra dose of this:




   A crazy person who can’t seem to stop watching your show (otherwise known as all your viewers)

I had this sense that the show was so much worse the last few weeks, but actually it wasn’t that it was worse, it was that I didn’t have my regular dose of Patrick being extremely sexy and awesome with his daughter and wife. If GH really wants to up its ratings they should just continue to show this man with this baby. It is the epitome of my fantasies: Hot, sexy, intelligent doctor who is bad boy, turned loyal father and husband by the power of love. I’m entirely certain that my husband hates Patrick Drake. 

They have soap opera gold here and they are wasting it!  Alas, I will continue to dutifully watch whatever the GH staff feels is the necessary price to get me even moments of that. *sigh*


7 thoughts on “Dear GH writers,

  1. GH Writers, I am so very disappointed in what you are doing to daytimes most favorite supercouple. You are completely wasting their talent and sexiness as a couple and now they have such a wonderful family with baby Emma. They have come so far and deserve so much happiness together. Their wedding couldn’t have been more perfect and they were so happy. They need to go on a very romantic honeymoon and have Mac & Maxie take care of Emma so they can come back the same couple that they were before you changed them. You have drawn out the PPD problem to death. Robin need to get the help that she so needs and have Patrick and Robin go on an adventure to find Robert and Anna. Those four are fantastic together. I also hope that maybe next year Patrick and Robin will add another little precious member to their family a baby brother for Emma. Please don’t waste their talent. They need to be a front and center couple again together and in love with each other and their precious little Emma.
    I miss Patrick and Robin showing their undying love for each other that they can only do so well. I love them both so much and they are the only reason that I watch GH.
    Thank you for listening!

    • Yeah, I completely agree. If only the writers were listening! But we’re here and we understand. You are welcome to vent here anytime!

  2. I think all the writers need their heads examined. I am so sick and tired of this PPD. They truly are all wrong going on with this story. People are so sick and tired of it and at the rate they are going Emma will be 18 yrs. old before Robin gets any help. I am truly disguisted that the writers felt they had to have Robin kiss a complete stranger and then for Patrick to see it. It hurt me to much to watch, writers please wake up!!!! Maybe it will take a nother crisis with either Patrick or Emma or both to bring her to her senses if they do not get her to a doctor fast and I mean tomorrow wouldn’t be too soon.
    I am very disappointed that right after saying I do they started this train wreck of a story line. My God you didn’t even give them a chance at any happiness at all. I have stopped watching and will not watch until Patrick and Robin are together and very happy with their precious little Emma. They belong together and for the GH writers to do this it is a slap in the face to all the Patrick and Robin Scrub Fans, who are the best. Please bring back our supercouple together as a very happy and strong family. Patrick and Robin have worked through so many hills and valleys and for the writers to do this is completely a waste of their chemistry and talent.
    A very disatisfied GH fan!!!

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