Campbell’s soup is mmm, mmm, bad

So I was intending to have this post be a rant about the gratuitous product placement in the last few episodes, but all I really have to say is:

“Ugh.”  *eyeroll* “Stop it. Stop it now.”

That said, I will put in my usual two cents about the Scrubs plot. I really wish the writers had a clue where they were going with this storyline. Their fight, although arguably realistic, (couples fight over stupid stuff all the time and read into each other’s meanings) just felt as contrived as the Healthy Request soup they were eating.

They really lost me at the point where Patrick said he would rather “nest” than go out. Really? Nest? The term made me cringe. I’m all for the transformation they have done on Patrick Drake, but I really think they have gone too far. My husband happened to be sitting with me while I watched this scene and he practically did a spit take. Who thinks that is acceptable dialog coming from a former womanizer? Or anyone for that matter? He didn’t have a personality transplant. Although, maybe that is next on their list of things to do to screw up this couple.

And no, I am not under the delusion that GH is at all interested in realism. But that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it. Couldn’t he have just said that he had a traumatic month, I mean day, and say he wanted to stay home? Wouldn’t that be enough? I know that I can’t pick apart every piece of dialog or I will go nuts. But this was way too crappy to ignore. 

After yesterdays episode, I am convinced that someone is working over time trying to find even greater ways to make  this show suck.  It just doesn’t even feel like an accidental byproduct anymore, it has to be intentional. Maybe they are hoping the show will tank and they can get a job on Grey’s Anatomy.

Just a warning: If anyone working on the show is concerned that someone is systematically trying to destroy GH – the call is coming from inside the house!


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