When will the insanity stop?

This particular episode pulled me down, down, down. Instead of a roller coaster, it was like a free fall drop. It had a few moments of stability, but overall the suckitude was large.

The low points included:

Having to watch Sonny bully Spinelli for the millionth time and then listen to him justify his actions. Not that I’m in love with Spinelli, but no one needs to see that.

Having to see yet another woman oogle over Sonny. I’m not sure if I should admit this to others, but I literally gagged out loud when Rebecca started to lean into Sonny. Thankfully, I was home alone at the time. This is just getting to the point of ridiculousness. I feel gross practically every time he interacts with a woman. The Emily/Sonny thing was icky the first time around. Please do not recycle it.

Anthony somehow warping through space and time to get to Port Charles from Florida to threaten Claudia. This isn’t new to this show. Things like space and time are no match for these writers! But seriously, he got to PC faster than it takes most people to get through security in an airport.

The few moments of enjoyment included:

The teaming of Jason and Sam. I know that most people are Liason fans, and I do feel like they got robbed. I also feel like it is pure laziness that is pushing this couple back together. However, Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton continue to have good chemistry and I enjoy their fun hijinx.

This look from Sonny when he sees Rebecca:


I don’t think a pic of this moment can do it justice. For a brief — oh, so brief — moment, I remembered why I loved Sonny. The emotion he had in this one millisecond was more than I had seen from him in years. The brooding intensity was the reason I loved Sonny in the beginning. Unfortunately, that moment passed too quickly and was followed with a lot of blah, blah, blah Sonny is god and the only one who understands women so let’s all obsess over him.

I know that this sentiment is pretty contradictory to one of my complaints about the episode, but hey, I’m a complicated woman. Deal with it. You swallow more insane contradictions everyday! Maybe I’ve watched so many hours of this program that I have absorbed some of its tendencies. That is a scary thought.

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