Dear GH Writers:

I realize that if General Hospital no longer has the money for trifles like bedroom sets, or a continuity editor, or a decent wig for poor Kirsten Storms —


— then the odds of you being able to afford new sets and extras for nightclubs and galas are fairly slim. After all, you’ve got to save every penny for the next sweeps stunt.

Believe me, I understand. Quality CGI like this isn’t cheap:


Priorities, people!


If Kate’s going to keep sending Maxie and Johnny out on these promotional non-dates, then — and I know this is wacky, but bear with me here — at some point it would be nice to actually see them interacting on one.

I mean, don’t get me wrong; watching Lulu and Spinelli sit around whining to each other for hours in the Crimson office is endlessly fascinating. But maybe, just maybe, if you’re going to have an attractive young couple with oodles of sexual tension who are trying to avoid giving into their admitted attraction for one another but are being forced to interact due to circumstances beyond their control…


…well, then maybe you could try letting the audience actually enjoy that chemistry for more than two minutes an episode.

In other words: try writing an actual soap for a change.

(Just a thought.)

Masochistically Yours,

p.s. Speaking of Johnny, much as I enjoy him spending time with Maxie, his father’s been holding his beloved sister hostage all week. You think it might make a little more dramatic sense to have him involved in that than jaunting off to fashion events we don’t even get to see?


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