Is this a test?

I often feel like I am being put through a trial by this show. Their objective: to see how mind-numbingly boring and repeatitive it must be before I turn it off. Monday’s episode was pushing my tolerance to maximum capacity.

Haven’t we seen this one before? Spinelli getting arrested. Maxie defending him. Sonny running to save Claudia. Jason chasing after Anthony. Every woman on the show obessing over Sonny.

It is my estimation that 85% of today’s episode was about Sonny, Jason and the mob. It is one thing when they are constantly taking up screen time, but do they have to TALK about them when they aren’t on screen?

OMG. My head is going to explode.

One good thing:


The sheer beauty of Rebecca Herbst. I have never thought that she wasn’t pretty, but I was especially struck today by her perfection. If only I looked like that when I was in the hospital. I had bed head and creases on my face. She, on the other hand is glowing. Ah, soap magic. You have the potential of being wonderous.

And as always, Alexis was the shining light, in an otherwise dismal episode. And per usual, she says exactly what I’m thinking and does it with such class and grace. The only problem, whenever she does this, she is automatically shown that she is wrong and should not be the voice of sanity. How is it that Nikolas has been acting like a complete psycho stalker and yet Rebecca defends him? I really hate the way they treat that character. No wonder she took off to go get herself a drink. If I were her, I’d never want to be sober.

Finally, it has been five days without any Scrubs plot. I think I’m being punished for criticizing it.


Why do I have a sinking sensation that my pleas will be ignored?


3 thoughts on “Is this a test?

  1. Sing it, sister. You and have talked enough times about my mad crush on Becky Herbst to know that we are in complete agreement that front.

    And having to watch poor Alexis — perennial punching bag and voice of reason — get shat upon once again today was…just awful. If Rebecca actually starts finding Nik’s stalking endearing and sexy rather than creepy and scary I may not be responsible for my actions.

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