Ew, eww, ewww

I think I made a deal with the devil in my last post.

My pleas for scrubs plot was met with oh so gross Sonny and Claudia sex. I don’t think it is overdoing it to say again: Eww, ewww, ewwww.

This ick-fest was followed by shirtless Nikolas, which coupled with Rebecca gave me PTSD flashbacks to the super disgusting Emily/Nikolas sex scenes. *shudder*

The icing on the cake was Patrick having Sonny watch his baby and Robin saying that it was a good idea. WTF? I know Robin has history with Sonny. I know she feels that he was there for her during one of the toughest times in her life. I REMEMBER it well. But that doesn’t mean that she would necessarily think it is a good idea for Sonny to babysit her child. And Patrick is worried about Robin being alone with her own baby, but a mobster who gets his own child shot in the head is A-OK to watch his child? What?!? Get a nanny already! And stop acting like a stay at home mom wanting to go out to run errands is symptomatic of something when putting a baby in a tree isn’t!

I’m wondering if this is what my mom meant when she said “be careful what you wish for.” I can’t believe she imagined anything this heinous.

Thankfully I was plied with the hotness of Jason Thompson before all this nonsense.




Otherwise, I might go jump off a cliff.

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