Welcome back, vigilante writer!

I missed you so much!

Is it me, or does it seem like there was a coup in the writers room for this episode? I’m not saying it was perfect, but I was shocked at how much sense it made compared to the previous episodes this week, or even for the last few months.

This change in tone started with Patrick’s summation of Robin’s symptoms. It was such a coherent picture of PPD in comparison to the mishmash that has actually been portrayed. If only this writer could have been writing those scenes instead of summarizing them.

This excellent set up was immediately followed with Matt saying exactly what I was waiting for someone to say: if you really think Robin has PPD, you need to talk to a psychiatrist (and not any other person in your life that will listen).

Thank you!

He follows this by talking about how PPD won’t go away without treatment, and pointing out how Patrick can’t control what Robin does, but he can control how he reacts to her. My jaw literally dropped. Where has this sensitive, emotionally intelligent Matt been? More please!

I was also incredibly pleased that when they showed the montage of Robin’s symptoms they did not include the tree situation. And Kimberly McCullough’s scenes when she denied having a child, followed by calling to check on Emma and trying to care for her daughter from a distance were…. heartbreaking. Despite my ups and downs with this story, she still sold it to me. I actually forgot all the false starts and noncommittal writing of the past few months.

Other moments of note:

Nikolas and the Quartermaines admitting that they were acting crazy cakes around bad!Emily.

The possibility of a reverse Jason story line with a Soap Opera Rapidly Aged Michael. If this is indeed the direction they are going, they may be pulling the trigger a little early on this one, especially considering the lengths to which the writers seem to go to drag out stories create suspense. But hey, it’s something different than Jason trying to save Spinelli from jail and the Sonny/Claudia co-dependent, crazy marriage so I’m all for it. For a moment, I didn’t even mind a Sonny scene. Will wonders never cease? Hopefully they will cast the new Michael as someone who is not as creepy as the last actor. (I need to remind myself not to get too greedy.)

And this episode was book ended with Matt yet again making perfect sense: giving Patrick the name of a doctor who is not Robin’s friend and suggesting that fathers might need treatment when a mother is experiencing PPD! Since I previously worked as a family therapist, this was music to my ears. It was spot on brilliant! I really can’t gush about this enough. Yay Matt!

I don’t think I’ve been this happy with a GH episode since the beginning of the PPD story line. The story was finally straight forward, with no wavering. I’m happy to see that they are now diving head first into this story, as they should have from the beginning.

Just when I thought I was out… they pulled me back in.

P.S. Tenillypo made us a spectacular new header. Check it out!


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