Once more, with feeling

There’s something familiar about all of this. I just can’t quite put my finger on what it is.

Lulu: Why don’t you just admit that you lied?
Ethan: When you admit you’re grasping for any excuse to talk to me.
Lulu: I don’t want to talk to you. I loathe you.

Hmmm…let’s see:

Cocky, arrogant bad boy + self-righteous lady who doth protest too much = THE START OF EVERY OTHER RELATIONSHIP LULU’S EVER HAD.



I realize the writers are not just ripping off themselves here, but also half the romantic comedies ever made.

But come on, now.

If Lulu’s romances keep bombing, maybe — just maybe — it’s got something to do with the fact that they are all basically the same. It was boring and predictable when it was Logan. It was boring and predictable when it was Johnny. And guess what? It’s pretty damn boring and predictable now.


One of the few positive changes Luke’s undergone in recent years has been the ceasefire between him and Nikolas. As I understand it, Tony Geary has a lot to do with that. And for that, I salute him. Because whatever his motives, once or twice a year Luke manages to pull his head out of his ass and give a damn about someone else for five minutes. And when he does, we get scenes like this:


Maybe I’m an easy touch, but hearing Luke call Nikolas “son” still makes me tear up a little, even after all these years. If only Laura could see her boys now!

(Oh, wait, she totally could…if the people running this show weren’t sexist asshats who don’t believe both halves of one of the most beloved supercouples of all time deserve equal pay. Silly me.)


Winnifred’s damsel in distress fantasy is fairly emblematic of everything I hate about this character. She’s not a real person; she’s an empty shell who exists solely to prop Spinelli and remind the audience how awesome and wonderful the writers want you to think he is.

Spinelli’s a hacker? Well, so is Winnifred! But don’t worry, he’s a better one, and she’ll make sure no one ever forgets it.

Spinelli’s quirky and socially awkward? Well, so is Winnifred! But her convoluted speech patterns mirror his exactly, and the nicknames she uses are all his.

Spinelli is prone to drifting off into ridiculous, self-aggrandizing day dreams? Well, so is Winnifred! Except, of course, fully trained Federal Agent Winnifred could never be the hero of her own day dreams:


You know what would have been kind of funny? If Winnifred and Spinelli are so damn similar, how about dueling fantasies where each one imagines him/herself as the whip wielding savior of the other?

But that might have taken the focus off of Spinelli for a few seconds and we can’t have that.

Psst, writers…guess what? One of these people has been professionally certified to use a gun, and one actually shot a hole in his own foot the last time he picked up a weapon. If anyone’s getting his “pretty little face cut up,” I’m thinking it’s going to be Spinelli, you know?


Isn’t it interesting that Matt and Maxie are both playing voices of reason in this inconsistent mess of a PPD story? His advice to Patrick the other day was a refreshing breath of fresh air. And Maxie’s calm, reasonable good humor in the face of Robin’s irritable mood swings continues to make all their conversations a highlight for me.



Hey, crazy thought here, but instead of Matt being practically invisible most days and Maxie getting drawn deeper and deeper into Spinelli’s idiotic mob drama, how about these two actually interact a little?

And finally, I can’t believe that in a disagreement between Sonny and Jason, I was actually on Sonny’s side. But God help us all, he was making a lot of sense for once. Witness the wisdom:

“Look, I’m not going to judge him. But he gets on my nerves.”

“Listen, Spinelli is naive, but he’s not a child and he’s not innocent.”

“But I will say this: If you go after Spinelli, you may be saving him from a life he’s not prepared for, but then again, you are tying him to the mob. Forever.”

Sonny: honest, perceptive, rational…anti-mob? Is this a sign of the apocalypse?

4 thoughts on “Once more, with feeling

  1. I think all your points are right on. I put off watching this episode because I figured it had to be bad since I liked the previous one so much. But the suck to decent scene ratio was still favorable. Go figure.
    I felt like there was a point where they were trying to force the Maxie/Matt interactions and it was a bit obnoxious, but I agree that as they’ve brought his character along, I would like to see them interact more. If anything, it would help Maxie talk about something else besides how great Spinelli is.
    I loved that scene with Nikolas and Luke. I agree that mending that bridge has been one of the best things that has happened in the “Luke and Laura” story as of late.
    All your points about Winifred and Spinelli were excellent. I can’t bring myself to watch their scenes anymore, so I appreciate the commentary.

    • Well you said it, of course. They were forcing it before. The trick is for Matt and Maxie to have an actual organic reason to interact, as they do right now.

      But that would be character based writing rather than plot based and that’s not how GH rolls…

  2. Eh, I love Spinelli. I don’t find anything else very interesting on the show. Could do without Winnifred Cloning his every move though.

    • I don’t mind the idea of Spinelli. The problem is balance. Like any character the writers like, he’s become overexposed, and way too much time is spent listening to other characters talk about how great he is. Show, don’t tell, writers!

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