Stop this ride, I want to get off

The endless cycle that began with the month-long day seems to have continued without the nifty clock. It’s like the movie groundhog day, without the, you know, plot.

I’m waiting for a day when an episode can’t be described like this: blah, blah, blah Spinelli is the greatest person eva, blah, blah, blah Rebecca looks just like Emily, blah, blah, blah Kate and Claudia cat fight. Actually, the last part hadn’t happened for a while, but the writers sure know how to regurgitate a winning dynamic!

And the confusion that is the scrubs storyline continues to grow in my mind. Is this a story about postpartum depression or is it a story about a family’s expectations and roles after they have a baby? I guess realistically they could be both. And if it was any other show I might even think that they intend it to be both, but since GH doesn’t do anything subtly I can only assume that they think this is all part of Robin’s symptoms. I think using Robin’s desire to go back to work as a PPD symptom really sucks.

First of all, it makes Patrick look like a douche. I really hate that when the writers decide to create conflict in this couple, they roll back Patrick’s personality to when he first arrived in good old PC. I’m sorry, but you can’t have it both ways.  You can’t try to depict him as the supporting, loving, worried husband and  have him run off to the hospital, without taking any time off at all once his baby was born and have him have such a horrible reaction to Robin saying that she wants to go back to work.  If I had confidence in the writers, I could excuse this by saying that under stress Patrick is going back to old habits and he’s arguing over this, when really it is how Robin is reacting to her child that is bothering him. But, honestly, the way they are showing it now, it just seems like it is the reverse. To me, from what Patrick is presenting, Robin’s argument makes sense. It looks like Patrick wants everything a certain way and is frustrated that it isn’t that way. It feels like the writers think that you must have PPD to not want to be a stay at home mom. That just irritates me to no end.

Second, it makes Patrick look like an idiot. You don’t have to jump all over Robin wanting to go back to work when you have other perfectly justifiable gripes to make. It seems perfectly reasonable for him to be concerned when she hires a babysitter for the entire day and doesn’t really account for where she was. I would understand if he felt upset because it seemed like Robin was hiding things from him. It makes sense for him to be angry with her for just showing up at work proclaiming that she is going back to work full-time without even discussing it with him. It is beyond acceptable for him to be worried about her after her breakdown in the snow. But their discussions are rarely about these things. How about, instead of Patrick arguing with Robin about the same stuff and kind of acting like a know-it-all, maybe he should go talk to the psychiatrist himself? Maybe then someone could teach him how to talk with his wife about these things and we might have a chance of getting some productive dialog between these two characters.  

I love Patrick. But what the writers are giving me lately is making it difficult.

The plot is all over the place. And it makes it hard for me to tease out where they are trying to go, except that they are just using this as a wedge to push them apart. I forgot the tried and true soap recipe. Need drama? Take one happy couple. Add a cup of arguing. Mix in one random person. Separate couple. Viola! Plot. Ugh.

I wish that for once, this show would show a couple struggling with something TOGETHER.

But to leave you on a good note, this episode did give us this:


So it can’t be all bad…

3 thoughts on “Stop this ride, I want to get off

  1. I knew you’d be angry as soon as I saw those scenes. :) I think you’ve hit it exactly — they’re trying to tell two different stories here: one about PPD, and one about family dynamics and gender roles and expectations. Only, because this is GH, not only are they doing both badly, but I have no confidence that they writers even realize they’re telling two separate stories.

    Look, I know next to nothing about PPD, but I sure as hell know that getting stir crazy after spending all day alone with an infant isn’t a symptom. This show makes me crazy.

    • Well I know enough about PPD to know that you are absolutely right. *shakes head at writers*

      But you have to admit, watching teeny Kristen Storms try to move the big and bulky Steve Burton was hi-larious. I have to hold on to the small, and I’m sure unintentional, moments of comic relief or else I might cry.

  2. i know i wish the writes would write about the struggles of two people just married,new baby and working!! why is it when couples get married on a show that spells the end of the relationship. god forbid a couple actually stay together for a change!!!!

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