Hello Voice of Reason!

Thy name is Matt Hunter.

I vote that Matt be included in all scenes on GH from now on because he seems to have some magical way of making sense of the nonsensical.

I wasn’t watching when Matt came to town, but since I started watching GH again, Matt has seemed more like a place holder for Patrick’s brother – basically a “mini Patrick”, only a shadow of who Patrick used to be – than an actual person.

But it seems this week, little Matt Hunter has been allowed to grow a personality (and backbone) of his own. And god help me, I like it!  Today, Jason Cook was able to demonstrate that he actually has acting ability. He easily held his own in highly charged scenes with both Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson.

I love Matt so much right now.

And it was kind of hilarious, and endearing, how terrified he seemed to be of Robin in this moment:


Also on my good list: Lucky Spencer. Finally, Lucky basically threw in Luke’s face how he has been acting toward him for years. I hate the way Luke (and the rest of the show) treats Lucky. Greg Vaughn deserves better. When he got duped by Ethan, I just thought “here we go again. Lucky is portrayed as a bumbling dolt.” When he came back at Luke, finally calling him out on acting ashamed of him, I experienced another moment of jaw-dropping shock, reserved for those moments when characters actually say the absolute perfect thing on this show.

Way to go Lucky!

On my bad list: Tracy. Normally, she is one of the awesome characters who get to be the aforementioned voice of reason, but then are immediately shown in a negative manner to negate the awesome truth they just said (see also: Alexis). This time, however, she was used to erase Lucky’s spectacular moment. I can’t believe she actually accused Lucky of being a bad son!


I couldn’t help but yell “what the hell Tracy?” at the TV screen. Why is it that any other time she is extremely compassionate to Luke’s child (Lulu) and extremely critical of Luke’s behaviors, but not in this particular moment? Because it is directed toward Lucky, that is why.  Why do the writers hate him so much? What did he ever do to them?

These great moments were a bit overshadowed by my ambivalence toward the Scrubs plot (and every other story, but I tend to FF through those). I’m not sure where to put Robin and Patrick – the confusing list? Both actors were equally great in their scenes with Matt. No question. And these scenes seemed to be some of the more focused ones we’ve seen in this story.

But as I try to sort through them, I realize that I can’t look at any of these scenes without a huge amount of bias. Honestly, this is because I really want to like this story. First of all, I love Patrick and Robin. Second of all, as I’ve mentioned before, I worked as a therapist, so I think this is an important story to tell. Third, I have a strong emotional reaction to this story. When I worked with families, I actually saw mothers who were depressed and had trouble connecting with their children. It was so heartbreaking. So when I see Robin suggesting that Elizabeth put Emma back in the stroller without touching her, I cringe. This image is very powerful to me. I also studied attachment and understand the immense need for children to feel physically connected in their early life. When I see Robin react this way, I immediately imagine Emma going most of the day without being held and it is painful. 


This baby is so cute! How could anyone not want to hold her? I honestly want to reach into the TV and scoop her up. Look at that face!

Top that all off with Robin leaving the baby at Kelly’s and I am just overwhelmed at how horrible I feel for this kid. I accidentally read spoilers about this happening, and I’m glad I did, because I think it would have really upset me. Hey – don’t judge. I never said I was rational.

I also feel very uncomfortable about the turmoil in Patrick and Robin’s lives. I, like most people who comment on this blog, want to see this couple happy. I like the idea of  a postpartum depression storyline, in theory. I do think the recent moments of clarity delivered by Matt have  helped give accurate information about PPD and whole-heartedly believe the actors are all doing the best they can with the material they are given. But, I don’t like that the majority of writing is all over the place and often not clear about the symptoms of PPD. 

My strong emotional reaction to this story would normally lead me to believe that it is indeed a good story. But my reactions seem to be due more to my own personal experience with this issue and my caring for the characters than what is being portrayed on screen. And ultimately, this emotional resonance and my desire to like this story just hasn’t equaled enjoyment of this plot for me. And for that, more than anything, I am sad.

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