I hate you. Truly, madly, deeply, I do.

I can’t decide if this statement applies more to my attitude toward the show, or the show’s attitude toward its viewers. I’m thinking it’s both.

The Spinelli plot is just boring garbage. None of this stuff about Winifred taking credit for catching the art thieves makes sense. Um, how did she do this herself, exactly? I guess there is a chance the art thieves won’t want to incriminate themselves and I don’t know, say there were other people involved. Not like sense and reason ever got in the way before. So why start now?

The one good thing about this: Kirsten Storms’ acting. I can do without all the claws toward Winifred. Seriously, is that the only way the writers know how to write women? Even Robin is catty with Carly. And who can forget the famous girl fight between Sam and Liz? Ugh. I’m so glad that is over. We should have more Sam/Liz adventures! But, I’m getting off topic…

Kirsten Storms really got me to feel Maxie’s emotion about losing someone else in her life. It was a great scene.  It was very true to Maxie’s back story and despite myself, in that moment, I didn’t want her to lose Spinelli.


Although, I swear, if I have to hear one more monologue about how amazing and awesome and innocentSpinelli is, I am going to yak. I don’t dislike this character. I just dislike the annoying garbled dialog and the overused hero worship dynamic, both between Maxie and Spinelli and Spinelli and Jason. It’s old. It’s tired. It isn’t entertaining. And I really do think Bradford Anderson has the potential to make Spinelli a good character, but the writers have screwed that up, per usual.

Considering the fact that Matt is still one of the only good parts of the PPD plot, I can understand why there are groups of viewers who want Matt/Maxie together. Today was yet another, when the only words that made sense in this story came from his mouth.


Matt’s and Maxie’s individual intensity in this week’s scenes indicate to me that they would have some good chemistry, so I’m all for that now.

And it would be nice for someone to have something exciting and hot going on, since apparently only Sonny and Carly are the ones on the show who get to have sex. And having a montage where they have sex with other people mixed in with one another is just…gross.

This was followed by the writers having one of my favorite characters abandon her baby, hide it from everyone, lie to her husband and then take off, I’m assuming, without her child. Wouldn’t forgetting your baby and leaving her alone to possibly be kidnapped maybe be a wake up call? Wouldn’t that be the so-called rock bottom? I’m praying that it is, because I’m so tired of this story. But since I rarely get what I want on this show, I’m assuming that Robin, instead of admitting she has a problem, is running away. Great. I guess that isn’t the most implausible thing this show has done, but it just sucks. It’s good to know that the writers think PPD will completely change your personality and ruin your relationship. Way to help mothers everywhere admit to themselves that they have a problem. Ugh.

After an episode like that, I’m usually so angry that I head to my computer and rant about how horrible this is, but this time it look me a day to digest because I honestly think this story is breaking my will to blog. Instead of rage, I just feel nothing….and not even this could make it better:


Thanks GH, for being so soul-suckingly bad that you take away the one moment of pure joy I could always count on from your show.


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