Somebody please gouge out my eyes….and ears

Lacking the senses of sight and hearing would have made watching yesterday’s GH 100% more enjoyable.

As I watch GH, I often wonder what a day is like for the actors. Do they get their scripts and go cry in a closet for a few moments? Are they dead inside? Are they secretly planning their escape? Did Sarah Brown rue the day that she came back to GH when she read these lines:

Claudia: We should do that more often. Consummate.

Consummate? Excuse me while I go throw-up.

And then the gratuitous shot of Sarah Browns ass, although lovely, followed by Sonny looking at her like a piece of beef  was just…how many words for vomit can I come up with? I don’t even think I can bring myself to include a screen cap of this event, because a visual reminder would just be more than I can take.

I wish had something positive to talk about to off-set this train wreck, but alas, I have nothing.

Unfortunately for us, today is another day, and that means another episode for the suck-fest to continue.


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