More fun than a root canal, at least.

Things I was more excited about than watching General Hospital this week: pulling hairs out of the shower drain. Cleaning my guinea pig’s cage. Menstrual cramps.

But I finally managed to sit down and power through four episodes in two hours. Boy, that was two hours of my life I’ll never get back! Let’s review:


I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Kate for a long time. When she’s on…she’s on:

During the early days of their relationship, she actually had me enjoying Sonny for the first time in years. Of course, that was back when she had a back bone and a moral compass. Not to mention hair that I could never pull off, but desperately wanted.

More recently, however, she’s been reduced to a mindless mob cheerleader who’s in such deep and inexplicable denial about so many patently obvious things (like…if the danger to Sonny’s three existing children — and a fourth getting blown up in the womb — weren’t enough to force him to change his ways, then why would exposing a fifth fully grown child to danger do any good?) that she’s easily become one of the most infuriating characters on the show.

(To top it all off, she cut bangs into her perfect hair. The world mourned.)

Her latest bout of determined stupidity — endlessly taunting Claudia about that goddamned DVD instead of just telling Sonny about it — has been both painful and boring.

This show’s specialty combo!

But since Kate’s epiphany the other day, she’s been rapidly regaining her previous awesomeness. Case in point:

KATE: Well, you know Claudia. All the anger and the dysfunction — it’s toxic. Like you and me, Carly. Like how you still blame me for taking Michael to the warehouse the night he was shot. I understand. I understand you need someone to blame. But you picked the wrong target.
CARLY: You did take Michael to the warehouse without my permission.
KATE: Yes, Carly, I took Michael to his father. But to blame me–to blame me for the shooting makes as much sense as me blaming you for not taking Michael to counseling when he shot me. For not taking him to the authorities so he knows that his actions have consequences, or for raising Michael in an environment that enables bad behavior…You know it just, it doesn’t. It doesn’t matter. The point is I’m done with it all.


For months during the height of their stupid feud, whenever Carly would go off on a rampage against Kate I was just waiting for her to finally snap and throw the fact that Carly’s sainted child shot Kate in Carly’s face. Hearing her finally mention it now — and to do it with so much of her old dignity and class — was mightily satisfying.

Of course, Kate’s return to sanity and grace can only mean she’s not long for the world. I’m expecting her to be brutally murdered any day now. Get those licks in while you still can, Kate!


The writing for Maxie is giving me whiplash.

If I take her fun, flirty scenes with Johnny in the limo completely out of context, I enjoy the hell out of them. I like Maxie the vixen. I like Johnny when he’s smiling and laughing. I like it when they can’t keep their hands off each other.


Back in the land of context, however, didn’t we just see Maxie tearfully telling Spinelli that only him risking his life and future freedom by staying in town could keep her from giving into her desire for Johnny? I mean, forget for a moment how stupid that line of reasoning is…we were supposed to believe it, right? And to believe that Maxie truly does love Spinelli and wants to be a good person “worthy” of his friendship? When you juxtapose that with her deliberately goading Johnny the very next day, I really don’t know what we’re supposed to think.

(Speaking of Spinelli…are Jason and Sam just banking on the fact that even the evil FBI would never suspect them of being stupid enough to “hide” him at Maxie’s apartment? His best friend and soul mate? REALLY?)

Also, I really resent the show for choosing now to make Lulu all reasonable and non-hateful for the first time in, oh…YEARS. Thereby forcing me to care that Maxie betraying their friendship like this is really rather shitty.

Goddammit, show! Can’t you let me enjoy one of the only mildly entertaining things you’ve got going right now in peace? Is that too much to ask?


I’m sure incandescentflower will have a lot to say about the latest Scrubs catastrophe developments when she gets back. For my part, I’m pretty fed up both Patrick and Robin at this point. But at least Robin can blame her behavior on mental illness. (A ridiculously inaccurate mental illness, but still…)

What’s Patrick’s excuse?

I was somewhat encouraged by Liz emphasizing the need for spouses to seek counseling as well, because clearly Patrick needs it. But IMO, what he needs most of all is a bitch slap upside the head. As always, Serial Drama says it best: “Hi Patrick, 1953 called and wants you to shut the fuck up.”

Earth to Patrick! Constantly working full time, excluding your wife from any sort of professional consulting, throwing a shit fit when she suggests cutting her maternity leave short, acting like getting a nanny is a form of child abuse, treating her like a leper when she wants to leave the house to run a few errands on the one day you are around, discussing her mental state with every person in town (except for medical health professionals, of course) including her biggest enemy…does not in any way, shape, or form equal you “taking care of Emma when you can and making sure someone else is there when you’re not.”


I mean, holy revisionist history, Batman!

I sincerely hope that before this mess of a story concludes, the writers at least acknowledge the ways Patrick’s messed up expectations about family roles have contributed to the the current situation.

I’ll just hold my breath on that, shall I?


3 thoughts on “More fun than a root canal, at least.

  1. You are so on point with Robin and Patrick. I only hope after the dust settles we see both Robin AND Patrick take ownership of their mistakes over the past months, work through the recovery process together and move on from this illness as a happy family unit. Now that would be a refreshing change of pace for GH.

    • Wouldn’t it, though? People taking ownership of their mistakes is a foreign concept on this show… I hope this time it plays out differently.

  2. maxie is back to wanting spin again, because he’s with someone else…..

    she doesn’t really want him to be happy….and with matt out of the picture…there is no one for her…so of course she has to take him away from someone who gee actually makes him happy….

    maxie always needs a boy and a spare….


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