So close…

As Tenillypo mentioned, I was away for a bit last week.  When I got home yesterday, I settled in to catch up on the gazillions of shows my DVR recorded while I was gone. Included in this was Lost, the finale of Battlestar Gallactica (sob!), Ugly Betty (the best evening soap opera ever) and two days of General Hospital. I usually watch GH first because I don’t want to watch it and have it ruin the other television enjoyment. But, when I went to watch it, it was gone! My first thought was – “well there’s two episodes I get out of watching.” I have to admit, I was a bit thrilled by this idea. Then I realized that my other shows weren’t there either. On top of that, those that were wouldn’t play. After banging the TV for a bit and jumping up and down, it finally occurred to me to unplug the DVR and reboot it. The good: TV shows back, no more TV meltdown. The bad: I had to sit through two more episodes of GH.

I actually fast forwarded through most of these episodes. Knowing I had fabulous TV to watch lowered my BS tolerance. I did, however, watch the Scrubs scenes.  In addition to what Tenillypo said, which I wholeheartedly agree with, here are my thoughts:

Go Liz! It is amazing how the side characters in this story easily provide some clarity to this mess. Without them, this whole story would be useless. Unfortunately, the number of times we get this is significantly less than the misinformation provided. Will Patrick please go to therapy already?

Go Maxie! In her usual too-honest-for-her-own-good way, she told it straight to Mac. Where has this Maxie been? As Tenillypo mentioned, the writing for Maxie has been all over the place lately. Let’s stick with this one, shall we?

WTF, Mac? Here we go again, with the Mac gets waaay too involved and overbearing. Maxie even mentioned his past crazy reaction. I’m glad I missed the writers doing that to this character. Unfortunately, they are now making me side with Patrick in this discussion by portraying Mac as so off the wall controlling in his reaction. Mac’s questions are actually valid. Patrick really was not dealing with this. He was pretty much acting like a jerk. But that fact is overshadowed by Mac’s craziness. You are going to do what with Patrick’s baby?  I actually found myself wanting to yell at Mac and defend Patrick, a weird sensation to have considering Patrick’s recent behavior.

As for all the Robin in Rochester scenes, I’m barely watching those. The whole premise is ridiculous. If she believes she is doing what is best for her baby, why would she be planning on coming back? I’m assuming that she was thinking about her return at some point since she mentioned wanting to see a movie that would take forever to come to Port Charles. What are they trying to say here? She called Mac to tell Patrick she is okay, which shows concern for Patrick, but then kisses some random dude, which seems to indicate the opposite feeling. This makes absolutely no sense.

I’m starting to think that the writers are just throwing words and character names into a hat and then picking them at random to come up with the plot. Like “Robin” “Bar” “Carpenter” and “Patrick” “Advice” “Liz.” Where is the dramatic arc? Where is the build up? Where is the ability to relate at all to what any of these characters are going through? For me, that connection continues to be lost.


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