Teetering on the edge.

Yesterday’s episode drove me to the edge of my proverbial cliff with GH. I was so close to turning the television off. My discomfort with the Scrubs plot rose to new heights. It was like seeing a car accident in slow motion. God, I hate this show.

I had resolved that if Robin slept with carpenter dude, it would be time for another GH hiatus. But, for better or for worse, the show stopped short of my point of no return.

In the end, Patrick seeing Robin with this guy will hopefully result in finally bringing this issue (whatever the writers seem to think it is) to a head and maybe push the story in a different direction. Maybe.

I guess this commentary is a bit backwards, and I did have a few reactions to the previous scenes:

I still enjoy Liz helping Patrick with how to handle this situation. I think she continues to make great points and has been a good friend. From my experience, it is really difficult for loved ones to deal with mental illness and I feel like there is a bit of an attempt here to demonstrate that in these scenes. And in comparison to other parts of the story, the scenes with Robin and Patrick’s friends and family have been so much better than the story that Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson have had to play together. What a waste. I miss them together.

If they try to put Liz and Patrick together, however, I am going to scream. Not because I don’t think Liz and Patrick wouldn’t make a pretty couple or anything. I think they would be somewhat interesting, as we saw in the Thanksgiving fantasy episode. And yes, it has a little to do with the fact that I am obviously a bit too enamored with Robin and Patrick. But the real reason is Robin and Liz’s friendship. They don’t allow women to have too many close relationships on this show, even mothers and daughters.

Pairing Elizabeth with Patrick would have a drastic impact on one of the few positive female relationships on this show and that would anger me to no end. Because all women do is fight over men, right? I should prepare myself for the worst, since history tells us nothing is sacred. Not friendship, not wedding vows, hell, not even the sacred mob oath, apparently. So I guess the show is consistent in its devaluation of any kind of relationship when it is convenient to create so-called drama.

And speaking of the crappy mob-fest, it really is too bad that they have made this show such a mobapalooza that most of us could give a rat’s ass about Jason wearing a wire around Sonny. Considering this act really should be a significant moment for this character and is kind of a shout-out to some of the greatest GH drama: Sonny and Brenda. But really, except noting this fact, it doesn’t matter to me. I wish I could watch those episodes from the nineties. *sigh* Hello, YouTube, here I come…

Oh, one more thing: Do you think Jason, Sonny and Johnny called each other before the mob summit to coordinate outfits?



I mean, really? How lazy are the wardrobe people on this show?


2 thoughts on “Teetering on the edge.

  1. First, let me say I am a fan of Liz… just NOT with Patrick! I agree she has given Patrick some sound advice and has served him well as a confidant, however, I’m feeling uneasy with their scenes. I have suspicion this is going there… you do know what I mean? And, when it does… I’m DONE! Tuning out 4Evah!

    • Agreed. I like Elizabeth. I even like her as Patrick’s friend. But now, every time I see them together I have this horrible feeling that they are going there. I don’t think it would be the reason I stopped watching, but at this point the reasons are adding up.

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