They are totally screwing with my head

Sometimes it feels like the writers zero in on the one thing I think is positive about the show and blow it all to pieces.

On Wednesday, it was Liz’s advice to Patrick:

Liz: It is not uncommon for women with this condition to have an affair.

Liz: You know, women with postpartum, they feel overwhelmed, they feel like they are failures as wives and mothers, so they create this fantasy life where none of it exists and they can be whoever they want.

I just…I can’t…the words…where are the words? At least the dialog included the words “not uncommon” when discussing women with postpartum having affairs, but I read that as saying it is common. This is an illness when women often lack an interest in sex. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but you can have postpartum without even thinking of having an affair. And I believe it is dangerous to imply that an affair is a symptom of PPD. I have studied depression and though I am not an expert on postpartum, it is a specific type of depression. People who are depressed do sometimes do things like have affairs, gamble, shop, drink and do drugs to self-medicate their depression. This does not mean that it is a symptom. And none of the literature I found here, here or here ever indicated otherwise.

And saying that women with postpartum create their own world? Yes, some do. When they have postpartum psychosis. This means that they have a break with reality. They may not interpret the world in the same way as most people would. They have delusions that could lead to them hurting themselves and their baby. Robin does not appear to have this, or at least her symptoms are not completely consistent with this level of PPD. Robin seems fully aware of her life and that she is making choices. Hey writers! DON”T MAKE BLANKET STATEMENTS LIKE THAT. It’s just wrong.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t listen to me or General Hospital if you think you might be depressed. Go see a doctor. Please.

It’s so difficult watching Patrick right now. I cringed when he said this:

Patrick: She has HIV. I wonder if she even told the guy.

Now, he hasn’t seen Robin like we have so he doesn’t know she hasn’t completely lost her awareness of this stuff. And if Robin did have postpartum psychosis, this would be a reasonable statement. But it was really hard to hear him say that about her, even if it is reasonable for the character at the time. And his tone was so nasty. Granted, I don’t think I would be able to be showing too much concern if I thought my significant other was having an affair, even if I knew they had a mental disorder. His line about not having his head and heart in the same place, I thought, was pretty accurate for this type of situation.

Also, does the baby have to be there when they are talking about all of this? I know that she can’t understand the words that they are saying, but babies are extremely attuned to the emotions of the family, which is why most literature says that babies whose mothers have PPD are often more irritable and have behavioral issues. I know he can’t ask Mac to watch Emma, you know, because he might not bring her back, but what about Matt? Or put her down for a nap? Something. And while we are on the subject, why do they have to make Matt awesome and then take him away for a week? *shakes fist*

Fortunately for everyone, Emma is the calmest, chillest baby ever:


And this is surprising, since everyone seems to want to unload their problems on her adorable little shoulders.

I get that talking to Emma allows for a heart-felt monologue and I appreciate seeing that from Jason Thompson. But she’s a baby! Hasn’t she already had enough adults going nutso in her short life?

This outrage was interrupted by Patrick’s emotional turmoil. And then I became a mindless puddle of goo. Men crying are my kryptonite. Once Patrick turned on the water works, my ability to think critically just went out the window.

And seriously, is this baby not the cutest?


She kind of yawned before she took the pacifier out of her mouth and I was completely distracted from the nonsense.

Stay strong! Back to the rage:

Of course, right when they seemed to be on the brink of getting everything out in the open, Patrick decides not to tell Robin that he thinks she is having an affair. Ugh.

The one shining light at the end of the tunnel? All the pain and suffering the writers have put us through for MONTHS finally paid off with Robin giving us yet another verbalization of the writers’ crazy ideas of what her symptoms were and then admitting that she thinks she has postpartum depression.

Too bad we all know that there will be some idiotic drama with Patrick not admitting that he saw her with lame-o carpenter guy and this will get dragged on for a few more weeks before any real progress can be made. *sigh*

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