Way to go GH, keep making my stomach turn

I needed to take a break from posting to try to get some perspective. This is only soap opera right? I can’t expect — I don’t know — quality in its writing, can I? This is purely a case of me not being able to let go of the past. General Hospital is a soap opera with a history of taking social issues and doing them well, but I need to remember that time is long gone.

Jason: It’s the same crap over and over again.

Yes, Jason, I tend to agree.

This plot line with Ric is basically the same crap, except even more disgusting than usual. Let’s see, what could be worse than sleeping with your step-daughter? Hmmmm…I don’t know, maybe coercively raping a woman and pretending it’s a game. I know that Ric is not supposed to be a good guy on this show, but when they try to redeem him from this — and you know they will — I’m going freak the hell out. I’m just glad that General Hospital hasn’t numbed me to abuse toward women enough to keep me from finding this utterly detestable and just plain sickening.

It really is hard to think of any positive points to the last few episodes when that was the weekend cliff hanger. So I’m going to reflect backwards to try to get this disgusting taste out of my mouth.

– First (or last) positive event to note: Sonny from the nineties came back, if only for a moment.

Although Sonny being Patrick’s confidant makes absolutely no sense in our current GH climate, for a few brief minutes I was able to pretend that Sonny was not the sociopathic misogynist we’ve all grown to hate. His care for Robin is just about the only thing left that I actually find good about him. And his advice was touching, although…No, Laney is not a good therapist and there is no situation where it would be okay for her to treat Robin! Please stop even pretending that is a good idea. And really, has Sonny changed at all since he went to therapy with Laney? If anything, he seems to be more controlling and angry. 

Moving on… 

– Robin calling Patrick out on talking to everyone in town about their problems was a long time coming and pretty satisfying. And this is a turn of events that actually made sense to me. Go figure. It was logical, no matter how stupid, for Patrick to talk with Carly about the PPD. And it was also in character for Robin to freak out about this. I also appreciated these scenes because it really showed how sometimes couples can’t get out of their own way — no matter how well intentioned they are — and end up fighting about the same stuff because the baggage isn’t resolved. Looking at these scenes separate from the overall plot, they were decent scenes.

But why the hell hasn’t Patrick learned his lesson about talking to everyone in town instead going to see a professional? See above. And why is it Robin that has to initiate going to counseling? Wouldn’t it be interesting and effective drama to have Patrick decide to go whether Robin does or not? Have we ever seen anything like that on television before? If we have, it is rare.

– Another bright spot: we’ve had two days without Spinelli and Winifred.

I guess the writers are at least trying to keep from adding insult to injury. Too bad I can’t get too excited about it. When last we saw them, Spinelli was proposing that both he and Winifred work with Sam as PIs. I wish I could find a screencap of Sam’s expression. It was as if someone had created a new kind of hell for her. Poor, poor Sam.

– Finally, I will end my post with the most positive parts about these last few episodes: Robin and Jason.


I have huge nostalgic reactions whenever they’re in scenes together. When Robin first saw Jason and ran to him, my heart skipped. These scenes have been so nice because I have no concern that they’re trying to push Jason and Robin back together. Their time is over. That pairing would make no sense at all now. I know I shouldn’t put anything past the writers, but I believe this to be true. And I really love how even years later these two characters have a special place for each other in their lives, much like that couple does in my teenage heart.

So I will try to hold onto this image until the next episode inevitably says “screw you, loyal viewer” and does something even more nauseating.


One thought on “Way to go GH, keep making my stomach turn

  1. I have been watching GH from when it first went on. I can not watch anymore. The thought that Robin and Patrick would not do the right thing about getting the right help is just plain stupid. The thought of tearing them apart is something so bad that they will lose even more viewers what they are doing is called stupid writing. Bring our favorite couple back together.

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