Incandescentflower is a real trooper. She watches this show on a daily basis, which means her rants are all timely and stuff.

I, on the other hand, prefer to let the episodes pile up until there’s a good, solid week sitting there on my TiVo, staring at me menacingly when I turn on the television for my daily Rachel Maddow fix.

You know that face Sam made when Spinelli invited Winnifred to join their detective agency?


Yeah. That’s the face I make at the end of the week when I realize I’ve got five episodes of this crap to get through.

So color me shocked when, after struggling through five boring, awful episodes in a row yesterday, I hit on lucky number six.

Am I crazy or was the ratio of suck to semi-entertaining actually kind of decent on Tuesday? (No, this is not an April Fools joke.) There was:

  • A high concentration of Alexis.


  • Alexis with Luke, which means Natasha, which means a Luke who is actually tolerable.
  • Alexis with Luke discussing Nikolas, the only other person who can make Luke not suck these days.
  • Some actual, honest-to-God soapiness with the Michael storyline. A mother’s hope vs. the doctor’s pragmatism, etc. Classic!*
  • Maxie meeting Ethan. Yeah, he’s marblemouthed and kind of fugly and it really bugs that this guy’s got a three year contract when vets and legacy characters are dropping like flies. But Maxie wanting to learn how to pick pockets was cute and a breath of fresh air from Lulu’s dreary self-righteousness.
  • Jason giving Sam instructions on taking care of Spinelli like a proud papa sending his five year old off on a play date for the first time.


(I’m not sure if we’re supposed to find it funny that Jason treats Spinelli like a mentally disabled child, but I do. Look, I have to take my enjoyment where I can on this show, all right?)

  • Maxie and Johnny, partners in crime. I can’t help it. I just think these two sparkle together. I like them scheming and colluding. I like them keeping secrets and bonding over sibling loyalty. They’re just fun.
  • Perhaps most importantly of all, there was no Winnifred, no Claudia/Ric skeeviness, no mob bullshit, and no Scrubs.**

(*No, I’m not counting the Jax/Jerry/DVD of DOOOOM portion of that story in this assessment. More on that later if I can overcome my paralyzing boredom enough to rant about how stupid it all is.)

(**Yes, that’s right. The writers have finally done it: this travesty of a PPD storyline is so bad it has me dreading one of the only couples I usually enjoy. Bravo?)


You’ll notice I didn’t mention all the Rebecca/Nikolas/Cancer nonsense. Look, this is still General Hospital, all right? It couldn’t all be good. But I did actually watch more than I fast forwarded. That’s got to be progress of a sort.

…don’t worry, I’m sure it won’t happen again.

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