I think they’ve finally done it. GH has finally beaten out my desire to care. Too bad really, since I think Tenillypo is right that these past few episodes have been better on the whole than well, the last few months worth of them. But my hope that they will continue along this vein is almost nonexistent.

I’m glad to see Tenillypo is gearing up to watching more of the episodes because honestly, I’m fast forwarding through about 40% and falling asleep through about 20%.

I have to admit, the PPD storyline is getting a bit better. I think the struggle Patrick and Robin are having is realistic, but I’m over it now. I just don’t care. The only moments I enjoyed were Robin and Sonny together, because they let me pretend we had Sonny from the nineties back again, and he wasn’t being a total hypocrite for telling Robin to get better for her daughter or for completely pretending that he is mentally healthy. When he was speaking to Olivia, however, it did seem that maybe, just maybe, Sonny had a moment of self-reflection and realized that he wasn’t really walking the talk he’d been giving Robin.

I wish this could excite me, but alas — been there, done that. This will result in no real change and therefore I have no interest in it.

Ultimately, I’m glad Robin is finally in therapy. But I imagine that this whole process is going to painful to watch and I can’t believe they will do this right. Yesterday didn’t have too many things that I can complain about, but my standards have lowered as of late and I don’t trust that things will stay tolerable for long. And really, is tolerable enough? I say no.

I guess I just want something to actually happen on this show.  When is sweeps again? May? You mean we have another month until what passes for plot will show up? *sigh*

At least Tenillypo was awesome and made that screencap of Sam. That’s one GH-related thing that gives me joy.


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