Hope – it’s a four letter word on this show…

But still, I found myself feeling a small sense of hope during a few moments of Friday’s episode. Too bad it was ruined when they jumped the shark, er, dock at the end. But watching this show has strengthened my ability to focus on seemingly insignificant details and gloss over the rest.

I rolled my eyes when the imaginary Emma came on screen, and slapped my palm to my forehead when the camera lingered over the water as if Robin had jumped in. But hey, at least suicide and hallucinations are actual possible symptoms of PPD. I was uncomfortable seeing a patient that came in that — oh, wait, has PPD and tried to kill herself. I need to learn to duck when that plot sledgehammer comes a swingin’. (It causes huge migraines.)

When I have the sense to take a step back to avoid this collision, I’m amazed at how the actors can make it seem like these plot points aren’t completely obvious to them as a character. I do believe that takes some talent. Look at the genuine concern on Becky Herbst’s face. Too bad she isn’t allowed her own story lately. She just gets to come in and be window dressing for everyone else’s lives.


When Patrick started freaking out I began hoping he might finally realize he is also suffering some mental duress from this family situation and should get help too. Seriously, the dude was losing it:


It didn”t seem to actually be going in that direction at of the end of the episode, but like I said, the feeling just happened. It wasn’t by choice.

And as usual, Jason and I were having similar reactions to the whole situation:


The one moment I thought had the most potential came from another decent conversation Robin had with Sonny. She talked about her daughter feeling a hole inside because she wasn’t there for her. And in that moment, I imagined how great it would be for Robin to face some abandonment issues she has in terms of not having her father around most of her life and her mother for a good part of it. How wonderful would that be? It would be compelling and make sense with the character’s history. Who’d of thunk it? As usual, I will do my best to wait and see. Maybe the word isn’t hope, maybe it is more of a wish. Still a four letter word, I know.


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