Where’s the fun?

After our little trip down memory lane, I can’t help but focus on finding the fun in our current GH. There has to be some, right? Well, Thursday I actually laughed, so that’s a start. During this post I’m going to talk about those few moments and ignore those that made me want to cry.

I have not been a fan of the forced dates plot line with Crimson. I get that it creates an opportunity for different people to interact, but the jealousy and anger and pettiness it brings out in both Maxie and Lulu drives me nuts. So I was pleasantly surprised that this week’s date-related hijinx did not turn me off.

This of course is because of my growing crush on Matt Hunter:


(Look! I made a screencap!)

Ahem. I’ve said before that Matt hasn’t really gotten any good plots or character development until recently. Now I look forward to him every time he comes on screen. I love his facial expressions and his smile. And honestly, he is a breath of fresh air because in these recent scenes he is just fun. He likes Maxie, he wants to date her. That’s that.

Originally, I felt like Matt was just a copy of Patrick, but right now, he is so much better than Patrick. Yes, like Patrick, he wants to be the greatest surgeon, but when he tries to sell all this cocky guy crap, I’m not buying it. He’s a total geek. Why else would he talk about gall bladder surgery at a social function? But the beauty is, the writers don’t see him as a geek, so we don’t get all the Spinelli-out-in-left-field-no-one-I-know-is-like-that crap. Add to that the fact that he never actually seems to get the girl, and he’s not like Patrick at all — he just wants to be like his big brother. What a woobie!

Now, I know Maxie isn’t thrilled about this idea:


But c’mon, thou protest too much, young lady!

I’m such a sucker for the “they hate each other, then they passionately love each other” paradigm. Yes, I know, I’m psychologically damaged.

But seriously, who could resist a guy who looks at you like this:


and this


I obviously can’t.

Part of me wishes I wasn’t getting excited about the possibility of these two, because we all know what is happening to the last couple I enjoyed.

I think Lulu’s expression pretty much captures my feelings about this:


It’s a mixture of joy and terror.

One thought on “Where’s the fun?

  1. I love you for noticing the same thing I did. Matt IS a geek!!! Jason Cook plays Matt so differently than he did Shawn Brady on Days…which is a testament to his skills. I’m pulling for him!

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