Maybe I’m going crazy

For some reason Monday’s episode seemed more like an actual soap and less like a pile of crap.

Maybe it was the believable heartbreak portrayed by Kirsten Storms, Bradley Anderson and Julie Marie Berman. In one episode I empathized with and felt conflicted about each of their respective characters.



Maybe it was because despite the fact that I hate the stupid who shot Michael DVD plot, I don’t want to see Sonny take his misogyny and revenge to the level of killing a woman so I was relieved that this secret was not revealed.


Maybe it was because ever since evil!Emily has come to the show, I’ve been waiting for Helena to return and the closing of this episode was so reminiscent of soap perfection from years past that I couldn’t help but enjoy her wickedly evil laugh.


Maybe vigilante writer has visited the writer’s room once more. Who knows, but at this point, I’ll  take what I can get.

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