Fight! Fight! Fight!

I’ve been amazed by the streak of satisfying confrontations we’ve seen this week on GH. Some continue to be the same old, same old (see Claudia, Jason, Sonny and Ric), but others have finally been new, moving and interesting. That trend continued today in a few key areas.

First, the ongoing conflict with Lucky and Luke. I would say that 75% of the time Luke is on screen lately, I loathe him. Now, this may also be due to the fact that Ethan’s lips are usually firmly attached to his ass. But add to that Luke acting as if he has no idea why Lucky feels the way he does about his father and it becomes  a perfect storm of hate.

Luke: Lucky and I were so close when he was a young kid, so close, but I just couldn’t stop him from growing up to be a stranger.

Me: Yes you could! You could have stayed around for more than two minutes during his childhood! Argh.

So, you can see my rage was already primed when we got this satisfying conflict:

Lucky: Helena kidnapped me. She made everyone believe I was dead.

Luke: Yeah, she’s a very creative lunatic. You have to admire her imagination.

Lucky: Why do I even bother?

Me: Why, indeed. You are awesome, Lucky! Screw Luke.

It was nice that someone remembered this important fact about Lucky’s past. Usually,  no one seems to remember about it or care. And I don’t know if the writers intended this, but to me, Luke looked like the ass he actually is.

And amazingly, we got Alexis again today! Per usual, she is trying to get another character, this time Nikolas, to wake up and smell the coffee.

Alexis: Helena has already made her move and it is Rebecca.

Nikolas: You don’t know that.

Alexis: Nikolas, how else do you explain a woman who looks exactly like Emily, who just happens to end up in your proximity?

Me: Seriously! How did no one say this before now?

Hearing Alexis clearly identify the truth is fun, but since it came out of her mouth it now leads me to believe that they’ve decided to make Helena coming back and evil!Emily arriving around the same time a coincidence. Because when Alexis says something obviously true, that is the cue for her to be proven wrong. *groan* And if they are all so scared of Helena being back, why isn’t anyone worried about Spencer? You know, Nikolas’ son? Yeah, forgot about him, didn’t you? So did the writers.

But I still count this as a great scene because it includes Alexis and fallout from Helena’s return, which has has already proven to be pretty fun, at least so far.

Last, but not least, the Scrubs plot included a confrontation today. Big surprise! It seems that all we’ve gotten lately is conflict between Patrick and Robin and everyone around them. But finally something new happened.

Robin: Do you actually need my input, or is this a charity request? Just some way to keep your crazy sister-in-law busy.

Matt: Ouch, where did that come from?

Robin: I can see it written all over your face. You think I’m losing my mind.

Matt: No, Robin, but maybe you think you are.

Me: Oh, snap!

I get that Robin is depressed and therefore irritable, but they are pushing me to a point when I enjoy seeing her be told off. Aren’t I supposed to empathize with her because she is sick?

Well, apparently, they made Robin exceptionally rude and mean today to help escalate the conflict for the final scene:

Patrick: I don’t know what to do, Robin. I don’t know what to do.

Robin: So instead you just betray my trust?

Patrick: Where do you get off accusing me? You’re the one who drove to Rochester and slept with some stranger.

Me: Finally. Thank effing God.

I was starting to feel the same way about the ‘Robin in Rochester’ secret as I was feeling about Lucky not being Jake’s biological father. In both cases, I just started hating every character involved. Maybe now we can finally move on from all the snideness and arguing and let these characters have a new dynamic. Pretty please?


2 thoughts on “Fight! Fight! Fight!

  1. Um, is Luke also forgetting that Lucky’s issues with him began around the time he found out that Luke raped his mother?! He has no idea where he lost him? Really?

    Honestly, I’m getting the obscene impression that the writers are working overtime to make just about every character unlikeable. Is this some kind of cruel joke?

    • That is an excellent point. Honestly, I think the writers want to forget about it and they try to do everything they can to get us to forget about it as well. For some reason, they don’t realize that many of us have been watching for decades. We do not forget and so if they do horrible things with the characters they can’t just erase them like that.
      And yeah, there aren’t too many people on this show that I don’t feel are obnoxious or unlikeable these days.

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