GH: Screwing with us as much as possible, for as long as we can remember

I often feel like I have to pay a price to get what I want on this show. Apparently, today it was watching more fighting and unattractive behavior from Patrick and Robin.

When Robin slapped Patrick for spying on her, when she was the one who ran off and made out with another man, I practically screamed. Not that Patrick has been in the right, but to me, the issues are not comparable.

I think the writers were trying to intentionally suck all hope out of my soul that these two characters would ever get past this.

And just when I was empty inside, along came Carly. Somehow she was the one person who could get through to Robin. I’d like to think this is because Robin never saw Carly as someone who had expectations of her, so she could take what she said at face value. Honestly, no matter what the reasoning, I find there to be a bit of poetry in this turn of events.

I know! What am I saying?

And who’d of thought Carly would be the one to revive this plot, again?

The reward for hanging in there through all of this pain and suffering?





We were finally given the tear-filled apologies and actual signs of tender emotions between these two characters that some of us have been waiting for since they returned from their honeymoon.

And no matter what, no matter how angry Guza and Co. have made me during this entire story, I’m still happy to see this.


2 thoughts on “GH: Screwing with us as much as possible, for as long as we can remember

  1. We keep hearing that Guza says “Happy Couples” are boring? where and how was he raised? How can there be any fun in an unhappy home like he wants….and what kind of a sicko marriage does he have???

    What do you remember fondly from your childhood? the fun times!!!
    Come on…let’s finally give EMMA the happy home she deserves and Patrick and Robin back in each others arms where they belong…and get Liz out of Robin and Patricks affairs where she DOESN’T belong…isn’t it funny every time they have a cross word…oops theirs Liz standing by ready to sooth Patrick…it’s getting a little much.

    • Yeah I think that is just being lazy. I think it is a lot harder to write interesting happy couples so that is the easy way out. And I’m not saying they should be gleefully happy all the time, but there can be a balance, which there isn’t at all on this show right now.

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