Fun in the Afternoon: Most Romantic Moments

Lately it feels like romance is dead on this show. But there were times when it seemed that the writers of GH knew what women wanted and tried their best to give it to them. Some moments were a bit sappy, but others just tore our hearts out. The one thing all had in common — they all made us wish we were the one being wooed.


Georgie and Dillon say “I love you”

Tenillypo: Ah, young love. I really adored early Dillon and Georgie. Scott Clifton and Lindze Letherman had a great, easy, natural chemistry with each other right from their very first scene.

(Sadly, all the chemistry in the world wasn’t enough to overcome the horrible writing at the end of their relationship. Or enough to save poor Georgie from falling victim to Guza’s blood lust for legacy characters. But I digress.)

For me, a big part of Georgie and Dillon’s charm lay in the fact that they felt like actual teens — sometimes goofy and insecure, sometimes hopelessly idealistic and brash, almost always endearingly sweet and sincere. All of those qualities are on full display in this scene. Most of all, their relationship had a build. Sure, there was an insta-attraction. But they really got to know each other before they got to the point of declaring their affections, and it was worth it, as you can see here.

Jason and Robin on the bridge

(Part One, Two, Three, FourSixSeven and Eight)

Incandescentflower: One of the reasons I love this scene is that it’s from a time when characters had special places. Now everyone meets on the docks and that loses its luster after a while. But I like the idea of the romantic getaway spot or the private spot to share an intimate moment. I miss that on the show these days.

The other reason I like this scene is because of the dialog. There are many parts to this encounter, but my favorite is when Jason talks about Robin’s lips. It made me melt. And an important note, this entire scene is full of good old fashioned adolescent angst, which I completely identified with as a teenager. And of course, it was Jason and Robin’s first kiss.

Lucy and Kevin’s Failed Date

Tenillypo: Man, Kevin and Lucy were a versatile couple. They could certainly pull off sexiness and angst with the best of ’em. But when it came to banter and slapstick, that’s when Lynn Herring and Jon Lindstrom were really in their element.

This scene pretty much exemplifies everything that made them so damn entertaining — it’s chock full of romantic clichés, but it’s gently mocking them as much as it’s indulging them. Of course Kevin has an allergic reaction to the aphrodisiac food, and the dozens of candles nearly burn the room down, and the saxophone soundtrack has changed to circus music by the end. But before disaster strikes, there’s a sense of playfulness and fun to their flirting and cheesy innuendo that’s really missing from current GH.

Whatever happened to the fun, Guza?

Robin and Patrick say “I love you”

(Part One)

Incandescentflower: If you’ve ever read this blog, you know I love this couple despite all the horrible contrived obstacles the writers give them. But one piece of characterization which has always really worked for me is Patrick’s commitment phobia due to having an absentee father in his childhood, and the way that created real friction when he started to really develop feelings for Robin.

In this scene, Patrick comes out and admits that he is in love with Robin in a way that I can only dream of. His words make me weak in the knees. To me, this demonstrates how powerful this scene is because I am all gooey despite the cheese factor, which you have to admit is there. I mean, the music in the garden? The only thing that could have made it worse is if he was holding the CD player. But still, my heart skips a beat every time I watch this scene.

Sonny tells Brenda he loves her

Tenillypo: I lost several hours of my life to YouTube yesterday, searching for the perfect S&B clip for this post. In the end, I had to go with this one. It isn’t their flashiest scene by far. Or their sexiest. Unlike so many Sonny and Brenda scenes, it isn’t about the way they just can’t keep their hands off of each other.

It is about something equally as important: emotional vulnerability. Trust was always an issue with Sonny and Brenda. Their mutual insecurities led to disaster more than once, but here we saw Brenda opening herself up to him, and completely disarming him in the process. No more posturing, no more bravado. Sonny didn’t know how to be in love. Brenda said it perfectly — bullets didn’t scare him; this did. But the thought of losing her was scarier still, which is what makes this scene work so well. It’s both of them being honest with their feelings, even as they (and the audience) know that they were keeping so many other secrets.

Jason rescues Robin at the Nurses Ball

Incandescentflower: I know that I already included a Robin and Jason scene on this list, but this one is classic. Even though there is so much misogyny on the show right now, I don’t feel this rescue fantasy smacks of that at all. After being presented a square for the AIDs quilt in Stone’s honor, Robin made an impassioned speech about the face of HIV, naming herself and leaving the often solid-as-a-rock Robin Scorpio emotionally vulnerable and overcome. Luckily Jason, her emotional support through this period, was there to carry her off and comfort her. This is probably one of the most touching scenes in GH history, and definitely one of the most romantic ones.

Another bonus for this clip — it includes the nurses ball, which I miss so much. I think it is time to revive that tradition, don’t you?

Jason comforts Elizabeth (Face of Deception)

(Parts One and Three)

Tenillypo: For my money, there’s nothing more romantic than some quality pining. Which is probably why I love these scenes so much. Nowadays, Jason as white knight has been done to death. But back then, I was all over it. While Elizabeth and Lucky just couldn’t seem to communicate, Jason was the perfect listener, loyal friend, and comforting shoulder to cry on. It’s no wonder Elizabeth couldn’t stay away, but every time she reached out to him, she pulled back. It drove Jason (and me) crazy.

This scene has all the marks of classic Liason — hugging and lots of handsy touching, Liz reacting to the tension with nervous babbling, Jason reacting with intense staring, talk of their  dreams and hopes for the future, and it’s all topped off by some face cradling and a near kiss. *sighs*

Now, that’s what I call pining.

(Side note: what is going on with Jason’s hair here? Why did the GH hairstylists think ‘demented porcupine’ was a good look for their leading man?!)


So what should GH have learned from these moments?

1) Romance is not boring. Romance is fun and entertaining if done well, but investment in the characters is key. If the audience thinks you’re just going to come along and trash the couple the next scene, there is no enjoyment.

2) Romance is better when earned. Character development leading up to characters having feelings for one another is not optional. If you want your viewers to be invested in a couple, then the characters need to be invested in one another.

3) Pining is both romantic and hot. Having feelings but holding back — for justifiable reasons that are in character — builds tension and engages the viewer. Back and forth for contrived reasons is not romantic and just leaves your audience cold.


3 thoughts on “Fun in the Afternoon: Most Romantic Moments

  1. Thank you for these clips. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for some good old-fashioned Love in the Afternoon on our screens again.
    Next in your series on Fun in the Afternoon, I would love to see a focus on friendships. Case in point: Mac and Kevin shaving their legs and smoking cigars… That was what I call fu!

  2. Thank you so much for including Liason in the GH sexiest couples.
    Liason is hot and passionate and love.
    Jason and Liz have loved each other for 10 years and I am happy that others know what l0ve and romance look like.
    The Stecky magic is beyond compare.
    I love how Jason pulls Liz back to him during their beautiful Night of Passion in which they created their beautiful baby boy Jake.

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