After watching Thursday’s episode and seeing  Patrick and Robin have a touching moment in therapy, I mistakenly felt good about these characters and a teeny bit about the show.

Then Friday’s “We hate babies” episode came along and ruined it all.

So baby one  has Sonny and Claudia for parents. Enough said.

Baby two is being carried by a mother who has a life threatening condition that could also kill the baby. This allowed us to hear about twenty times that Carly will most likely die if she does not have an abortion.

But lo and behold, there may be an experimental cure! They put a lot of weight in experimental cures on this show. If they actually allow this to happen, I will deal with that. Just let Jax have a baby. There needs to be a widening of the gene pool.

But make him stop saying stupid things about how his life is complete now that they are having a baby. His wife has had two miscarriages before, which he should know makes miscarriages more likely anyway. Jax isn’t an idiot, although that new mustache begs to differ.

And then we have poor baby Emma.

I wondered why the hell they had that stupid wheel chair fall down the stairs. It makes me ill that that is what these writers consider foreshadowing. And where the hell are the elevators? I know they hate Elizabeth, but do they really think she is dumb enough to try to carry a heavy piece of medical equipment down a set of stairs!?

As soon as they had Robin start standing at the top of the stairs with the stroller it became painfully obvious what they were doing.

Even Emma seems to know what is about to happen and is none too pleased with it.


As a side note, isn’t Robin’s house supposed to be sooo far away from the hospital? Did the hospital move when it was rebuilt? I don’t think so. Maybe it was the long strenuous walk from her house across town that made Robin think standing at the top of a staircase with a baby carriage was a smart idea, not the PPD.

In any event, they ruined what could have been a satisfying conflict between Kelly and Robin by having the baby stroller go wildly down the stairs.

Really? They couldn’t come up with a better consequence of Robin not taking her meds than this?

And I want to believe that they would not actually hurt Emma, but the treatment of babies and children on this show does not lead me to think that this is likely.

Honestly, I think if something good happened to any of the characters, I would have a heart attack.


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