Damn you, GH!

How is it that you can string me along for month — MONTHS — with more suck than one person should be able to handle, and then somehow you pull out an episode that makes me cry for about 50% of it and only sucks maybe 10-20% (for my current GH standards this is impressive).

Seriously, how often do we get this many of the good actors on this show in the same room, interacting with one another, for a plot that isn’t a sweeps event waiting to make us want to gouge our eyes out?


Yeah, I don’t remember the last time either.

Now I know that I tend to easily get emotional, but still, Robin’s intervention provided an opportunity for some great acting:

Maxie: Kirsten Storms is always great with Kimberly McCullough, but this scene was exceptional. Their confrontation was a long time coming. I was so happy to hear Maxie voice her concerns about Robin making her take Emma to the hospital. I was a bit uneasy about Robin’s reaction. It made sense to have her be defensive, but I was worried we would get more of the same. Luckily, that was not the case.

When Robin told Maxie to get out, my heart broke. Poor Maxie.


Mac: I’m so glad they had Mac there! It’s sad that isn’t a given, but these days the older generation of actors are obviously not considered to be vital. Mac defending Maxie filled my heart. And since most of the time we’ve gotten an irrational, in denial Mac in this story, it was great to see a steady, firm, truth-telling Mac this time.


Liz: When Liz spoke, that’s when the real water works started flowing because she said what I was feeling. I miss her and Robin being friends. I know Robin is a good mother. And yes, I do get a little over involved sometimes.


Matt: It really wouldn’t matter what Matt said here. I love him every time he’s on screen lately and I’m really glad he was included as family. But his mentioning how Robin reached out to him was nice and showed a connection between the characters that I had almost forgotten existed these last few months.


Patrick: What can I say? The looks on his face, the tone in his voice, Jason Thompson ripped my heart out.


Robin: Although Robin’s turn around was bit quick considering how viciously she lashed out at Maxie and how long it’s taken her to get to this point, Kimberly McCullough was fantastic at selling it. After the intervention was over, when she was apologizing for her behavior and talking about how she treated Maxie, I really lost it.


What I don’t understand is how they can drag out unrealistic symptoms and silly situations for months, but when it comes down to the emotional payoff, they can tie it up in one episode. I realize that this scene was the majority of this episode, which usually doesn’t happen in the Scrubs plot. But, couldn’t this or other therapy have taken up more of this story? Isn’t that where the real emotional meat of the plot always was?

Even so, it may be best that they it played out as they did. Otherwise, they might have screwed this part up too.


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