Is this the apocalypse?

Two episodes in a row with more good than bad…that has to be a sign of the apocalypse, right?

I really think Wednesday’s cold open may have been the best one on GH ever.

Reason one: Jax punching Sonny out. I can’t believe I actually cheered. It just goes to show how much the writers have screwed Sonny up over the last — I don’t know — decade.

Reason two: Matt coming to help big brother out with his family. I think I might have squealed with joy. I like Matt in general. I love Matt with his family. Now can they give him his own plot already?

And the fun did not stop there…

The Jax and Sonny conflict was so satisfying. Sonny, per usual, continued to have a temper tantrum about Carly’s pregnancy.  I wanted to punch him when he tried to insinuate that Jax selfishly wanted Carly to risk her life to carry his baby. And Jax said it best when he clearly pointed out that Sonny has no idea what Jax wants and that this decision is between him and his wife.

Boundaries, Sonny!

Sonny countering with Carly having a 50/50 chance of dying being an unacceptable risk almost made me do a spit take. Everyone Sonny loves has a 75/25 chance of dying just being in his vicinity!

On the Matt and Patrick front — actual fun. Now, I don’t appreciate some of douchey comments they tend to give Patrick when he’s dealing with is brother, but I looked past them yesterday due to my excitement about the two of them being roomies. And Matt’s reaction to trying to take care of Emma (i.e. blind panic) was adorable. This light-hearted fun in terms of baby care was a welcome change, considering all the drama we’ve gotten recently. And every time Matt kissed that baby, I got all gooshy. So, yes, it may be that I enjoyed this episode so much because of the abundance of Matt scenes. He just may be my new GH boyfriend. Sue me.


And since the PPD story has finally come to a head and the show reaffirmed Robin and Patrick’s relationship earlier this week, I felt like I could finally enjoy Liz’s and Patrick’s friendship without concern that they were going to try to shove them together. Patrick nudging Liz with his elbow when teasing Matt about his baby skills was very endearing.


My one what the hell?! moment came during the Emily redux plot. I often try to ignore this story entirely, but they made that impossible yesterday by having Nik and Liz make out. Now, it wasn’t Sonny and Claudia gross, but it just felt wrong in a brother/sister kind of way. I don’t know why I have this reaction to these characters together. I know it was all for show, and I don’t feel the same way about Lucky and Emily 2, either. But it was not pleasant. There is a screen cap of the kiss, but I don’t think I can bring myself to include it. In fact, it’s probably best if we all try to forget it ever happened.

Still a positive ratio of fun to suck. What is happening with this show?


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