Monday in review: let the suckening commence

Jason to Sam: Are you sure this is how you want to make a living?

Well, gee, Jason. I know this may be hard to understand for a man with such strict moral standards, but we can’t all make a living off of murder, extortion, and being the town Messiah. And while spying on cheating spouses may be kind of sleazy, at least it’s LEGAL, and doesn’t involve KILLING PEOPLE FOR MONEY.


(Hypocrisy aside, I hate to admit it, but I do kind of enjoy Jason and Sam as friendly exes. Exes being the crucial part of the equation. So, clearly, that’s not going to last.)


I feel like the writers have a dart board with pictures of Johnny, Spinelli and Matt on it. Every day, they toss a dart to decide which of Maxie’s budding romances they’re going to play with. That’s how disjointed and unsatisfying all three of those stories feel to me at the moment.

They had a perfect opportunity to show some growth between Matt and Maxie last week, after he witnessed the confrontation at Robin’s intervention. But because the darts had landed on Johnny and Spinelli that day, the opportunity was wasted.

So, fine. Let’s deal with those two for a minute. You know what? No matter how many time Maxie calls Spinelli her best friend or “essential person” (BARF!), that’s not what I’m seeing on screen. When the two of them are getting along, all they do is take turns licking each other’s ass. Now that they’re fighting, they’re marginally more tolerable, but that’s not exactly a ringing endorsement.


Maxie and Johnny have conversations where they’re honest about their feelings — about each other, about their families, about their pasts and their futures, likes and dislikes. Forget Johnny always saving her. As little as we get to see them together, they still manage to seem like they have an connection based on actually knowing and liking who the other person is. So why do I get the feeling that Spinelli/Maxie is actually endgame?

The thing is, even though I’d like to see Johnny/Maxie explored, more than anything else, I just want to see a well told story on my screen. I think there’s potential for both Matt and Spinelli to be that story too. But only if the writers actually pick one and stick with it. This endless waffling is baffling and counterproductive.

despair-dividerOlivia, Olivia, Olivia…

Lisa LoCicero is competent and likeable, but I don’t understand why this character is still on the canvas. What, were the writers worried that Sonny might not have enough women panting after him?

(These are the same writers who thought he needed two more children in the space of one year, so … yes, it’s entirely possible they thought Carly, Kate and Claudia weren’t enough of a harem.)

I just don’t understand why they would bring an estranged member of Kate’s family on the show and then drop that relationship — not to mention Kate — almost entirely. But then, I don’t understand the reasoning behind so many of the choices this show makes.


Finally, we reach the one silver lining of the episode: Drunk Liz!


I may have mentioned before that I think Rebecca Herbst is kind of inhumanly beautiful. It turns out Drunk Liz? Is also kind of inhumanly adorable.

I think this calls for a Drunk Liz retrospective from the past few days:




My god, that woman is beautiful. She also sometimes makes faces like these:




(At this point, I could go off on a rant about this ill-conceived and completely unsupported reunion with Lucky, but I think I’ll just scroll up and take another soothing look at The Pretty instead. It’s better for my blood pressure.)


4 thoughts on “Monday in review: let the suckening commence

  1. OMG! I have the biggest Girl Crush on Liz! What a gorgeous girl. & I agree that she’s adorable drunk. I loved how happy & fun she was at the Girls Night Out. Liz has had too much pain & angst over the past 10+ years she has been on the show. Time for some light-hearted good times for my girl…if she can’t be with Jake’s Daddy. And GH needs to stop “putting Baby in the corner” Liz is wasted as a prop for other characters’ story lines.

    • I do miss happy-go-lucky Liz. Even when she had a lot of angst going on back in the day, it still seemed like they let her be more mischievous and playful than they do now…

      I’m really afraid that this insta-reunion with Lucky is going to facilitate the writers shoving them both off onto the back burner again for a long while. If Liz can’t be with Jason, I’d much rather her character go in a new direction than just revisit the same old story with Lucky again and disappear off the canvas. *sighs*

      • That’s exactly how I feel. My favourite pairing for her is Jason, but if that can’t happen then a new Hot & Sexy guy should sweep her off her feet. She brings out the best in anyone she interacts with. IMHO.

        She needs more screen time!

        • She really does! I even liked her with Nikolas the other day, and the idea of them together as a couple kind of nauseates me.

          I liked Robin’s Rochester guy — I would have liked for him to follow her back to town and then fall for Liz instead! Or, hey, there’s always Mat… Anything but Lucky and less screen time.

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