A different kind of recap

I went to a cocktail party last night. So, by the time I got home and settled down to watch Thursday’s GH, I was . . . well, a bit tipsy.

You might think a few glasses of wine would make GH better. Yeah, not so much.

It does make it a bit easier to gloss over some of the small pitfalls. But those large, gaping potholes are still there to fall into.

Here’s what stuck with me from this episode:

The stupidity of Michael’s surgery continues. Tenillypo and I discussed the dumbness of this entire story at length yesterday. The first issue is that they tried to do all this stuff without Carly. But since we are beyond that stage in the insanity, we can move onto the fact that Patrick is absolutely sure that he can perform a surgery he has never done before better than a person who is an expert on it. He also believes that he understands it better than this person so he knows for sure it has to be done this very minute OMFG!

All of this smacks of contrivance. Isn’t it dramatic enough to have the surgeon from out of town come and save the day? It worked for Jason. Or are they just trying to raise yet another Port Charles male to sainthood? I guess I should thank my lucky stars that he isn’t in the mob, but seriously — this just makes me like Patrick less. Stop it.

More Spinelli/Maxie uselessness. If the writers want them together, just do it. Stop the back and forth. I’m tired of seeing it. I prefer Spinelli mad at Maxie and sounding like a human being, but it seems that I won’t get my way, so pull the trigger on that already. They are both hopeless and I couldn’t care less.

More Luke skeeviness. Just when you think that the show has pushed Luke Spencer down to his lowest point, we get this. Apparently under the impression that Tracy changed the DNA test, Luke is planning on using his daughter (who he believes is Ethan’s half-sister) to force Tracy to admit what she did. The result? Creeping me the fuck out. Blech. I guess treating Lucky like dirt isn’t enough, it’s time to show he cares nothing for his daughter too, by manipulating her into flirting with incest.

So there you have it! Apparently, Wine + General Hospital = RAGE.


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