Everything’s coming up Spencers!

It’s like the writers knew I was going to bitch about the shortage of solid female friendships on the show right now, so they threw out a day with Bobbie and Monica, Alexis and Diane, and Maxie and Lulu all being kind of awesome.


I have long wanted Maxie and Lulu to embrace the glorious frenemies they have the potential to be. But Lulu’s utter crappiness too often combined with the writers’ utter incompetence, and totally foiled my dream.

Yesterday, they finally got it right! And not only did I love Maxie and Lulu trying to save each other’s jobs, but someone in hair and wardrobe got the memo that Lulu doesn’t suck so much anymore, which means that both girls got to look super cute for once.

I don’t know why Lulu’s gotten so much less heinous recently. And, frankly, I don’t care. Maybe the universe realized that a single family can only contain so much awfulness at any one time.

Hey, speaking of Luke —


Luke: Maybe it’s true I didn’t particularly want the kids I already have…

Actually, no. As I’ve noted before, that is completely and demonstrably not true.

(Also, yeah, I totally believe that the man in those last two links hated his home life and was running around screwing Holly — who wasn’t even in town at the time — behind his wife’s back.)


Holy cats! Some sort of freakish medical experiment gone awry is loose in the hospital–



Oh, wait. False alarm! Someone on the writing staff just remembered that Michael’s grandmothers both work in the hospital and probably should have stopped in at some point during his eighty hour surgery.

(Just kidding, Barbara Jean — you know I still love you, even if your face does look like it’s made of melted wax! Hey, maybe before you disappear again, you might try heading over to give your brother a smack upside the head for being such an ass?)


2 thoughts on “Everything’s coming up Spencers!

  1. Tracy: “Bon Voyage you son of a bitch!”

    I laughed my ass off at that comment!

    And seriously, shouldn’t Jackie Zeman’s plastic surgeon have had some obligation to tell her that she was starting to look frightening? Is it really that horrible to grow old gracefully?

    • That was a great line. If only she really meant it…

      I do feel kind of bad making fun of poor Jackie Zeman. Because you know she basically mutilated herself in the hopes that it would somehow stop TPTB from sidelining her for the crime of being a Woman of a Certain Age, but it didn’t even work and she’s on two times a year now and also looks like a creepy zombie for her troubles.

      But seriously…stop with the botox already. That goes double for you, Leslie Charleston!

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