Whoa, what was that?

There were a few things that happened in yesterday’s episode that were genuinely surprising.

One was the fact that Michael’s waking up was actually as touching as I had hoped. My hatred of the characters involved and my complete boredom over the lead up to this event (I think I only watched the last five minutes of Friday’s episode) did not get in the way of the emotional satisfaction I felt finally seeing Michael come back to life.

Yes, I know it can only go down hill from here.

The second surprise was when I discovered I could hate Claudia even more than I had before. The fact that she wanted to run into Michael’s room and grill him about what he remembers after he’d been in a comma for a year is just the icing on the cake.

When is her redemption coming?

Finally, I was actually, genuinely surprised when Holly showed up at Patrick’s door, demonstrating that she knows him. Now, I’ve said before, I don’t read spoilers. Sometimes I happen upon them or Tenillypo shares them, but usually, I don’t need spoilers because you can see the plot in this show coming at you like a freight train. This was actually something I did not anticipate at all. Kudos to you, GH, for honestly surprising me for once. Now, the pleasure in that is sure to fade when this inevitably becomes the next scrubs crisis.

But until then, at least it is something new.

EDIT: Thanks to Laura and Elora for pointing out that Patrick and Holly knew each other from the Markum Island caper. Alas, my surprise was due to a gap in my GH knowledge and not an actual plot twist. *sigh*


6 thoughts on “Whoa, what was that?

  1. re: Holly & Patrick
    OK, I confess that I stopped watching GH around the time that Courtney (ugh!) & Jax became involved. I started watching again when Elizabeth found out she was pregnant & Lulu was struggling with the decision to have an abortion (2006?). So I know that I have gaps in the GH timeline, but I just assumed that Holly & Patrick had encountered each other during the “Virus” storyline…am I completely mixed up?

    • Thanks for keeping me honest. I should have figured that anything truly surprising to me was not due to the writing, but my own lack of knowledge. I have holes in my GH history that a truck could drive through, but from reading past stories I did not recall that plot. Thanks for the comment!

    • Thanks for the reminder. Wow, I didn’t even remember Holly being part of that…although in my defense, I am certain I did not watch regularly at that time period.
      Good thing Tenillypo is our resident GH archivist and not me.

      • Maybe for the benefit of us band-wagon jumpers, you could do a recap of major (& minor) storylines for the past decade or 2 or 3. Like: “On this day in 1981, Luke & Laura got married, but on the other side of Port Charles…”

        • Hmmm….we are looking for other series ideas and this idea intrigues me.

          Also, in case you are interested – we often use this site to clarify past storylines: http://www.soapcentral.com/gh/whoswho/

          Although it appears that on Holly’s page it does comment that she was on the show in 2006, but there is no detailed info about it – so I’m not sure how recent the character profiles are.

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