So why did I think this was a good idea?

Of course, I am kicking myself for looking forward to Michael waking up from his coma.

It seriously took less than a day for me to start hating Michael. Why is it that no one is allowed to call out Sonny and Jason — other than Sonny and Jason? Except for those surprising scenes where Sam gets to weigh in. Recently, Sam’s truth-telling has rocked the shit! Must be Alexis’ genes kicking in. Michael defending Sonny made my stomach turn. Sam pointing out Sonny’s need to confess his sins to Michael is completely selfish made me want to stand up and cheer.

Yesterday’s episode redeemed Michael a small amount when he was fun with the Quartermaines and Lulu. But this hating Carly unreasonably, while loving everyone else, is just cracked. And the fact that they are trying to explain it with his brain injury…well if there was a personality shift, wouldn’t Michael: a) act in a similar way towards everyone, not just his mom, and b) be different than he was before the injury? We all have to admit that Michael was well on his way to being an angry sociopath pre-head injury. So remind me again why this is different? Knowing that we will be getting months more of “I hate you Mom!” just makes me roll my eyes. And it is so disappointing, because I think I could like this plot if he felt that way about everyone, or just wasn’t being such a contrived whiny bitch towards Carly. But I’m sure that the GH writers know this and that is exactly why it is happening.

The one great thing about the episode yesterday was Liz and Luke’s conversation about Lucky. Is there anything that Becky Herbst can’t make better? I have to admit, I’m not usually the Liz fan around these parts. But I can’t help feeling awed by her. I have been hating Luke so much lately. And adding the cat fight between Holly and Tracy for this prize of a man has made me want to vomit. Liz’s scene with Luke made him so much more tolerable. It gave feeling to Luke’s side of the Luke/Lucky conflict. And god help me, I even empathized with him a bit. It was actually quite touching. And all the while, Liz was laying it straight out. Why is it that they have reduced her to recurring? God, they are dumb.

And finally I just have to mention — I missed FunPatrick! I’m so glad he was able to return for a few moments earlier this week. Can we have more of him please?


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