First of all, we would like to say welcome back to The Scrubs Hub! We really appreciate all they have done to promote our blog and we have greatly missed them.

Thank you, Amy!

Another reason to celebrate: today is the day Scrubs came back. After all the pain and anger, it almost doesn’t feel real to have Patrick and Robin together and happy. I’m a total fangirl and couldn’t stop myself from squeeing a bit when this happened:


And suddenly, Patrick is smokin’ hot again. Look at that!


All I have to say now is – where is Matt? I know he’s only allowed Scrubs plots and it would be a bit out of place for him to be around for Robin’s homecoming, but once a month is just not enough.

In terms of the other plots, I like the fact that the Michael plot is not forgetting that Jason went through a similar situation. I especially enjoy Monica getting to be the level-headed one of this insane family.  I’m also amazed at how much we’ve seen her lately. So great.


Another thing that pleasantly surprised me — I’m not hating Ethan with an extreme ire any longer. It is now more of an annoyed feeling mixed with something that seems to resemble sympathy. His floppy hair is a bit more tolerable, and is it me or has he gotten some diction lessons? No? It’s just me.


When he starts to spew the truth about Luke and Holly it is hard not to root for him. As he was saying that he was going to leave I actually thought: No! Don’t! You haven’t gotten to interact with Robin yet!

We all know that Kimberly McCulloch is going to make him even more likable. We also know he isn’t going anywhere.

General Hospital: Making me throw logic and reason out the window for close to two decades.


4 thoughts on “Yay!

  1. Robin and Ethan already met at the haunted star. I put the clip below. The scrubs reunion had me smiling non-stop. I didn’t realize how much the rest of this show sucks until robin was gone.

    • Yes, I am well aware of them meeting. I meant interact in terms of as brother and sister. Although, it would be nice to repress the “Robin pretends she isn’t a mother” period.

  2. I’m trying to watch Ethan & not skip his scenes, but it’s hard b/c something about his voice or accent reminds me of nails on a chalkboard.

    • Yeah, it really is awful. I couldn’t watch him at first, I hated it so much. Now I’m shocked that I can tolerate him. It was probably because I was excited to think that if he and Robin were siblings, it might give Robin a better plot than the PPD madness. But it seems they are still playing with us, so that might not be the case.

      But seriously, shouldn’t most actors have taken some sort of speech/dialect lesson?

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