It’s time to play “Who do I hate the most?”

Today’s contestants include Spinelli, the smug and incomprehensible mob geek, Claudia Zacharra, the hypocritical, manipulative mob wife, and Holly Sutton, the formerly charming and good-hearted con woman turned sadistic, brain-washed Lukeaphite.

So let’s find out:  Who. I. Hate. The. Most.   *applause*


First up, Spinelli. His twisted words leave your head spinning, but his vulnerability often allows you to empathize with him. His gross PDA with Maxie and his new found elitism when dealing with Johnny makes you wish someone would smack him. But alas, he is not the most loathsome of this group.


Next is Claudia. Originally, her love for her brother and her desire to shield him from the mob life was a redeeming quality. Now, Claudia is willing to throw him and anyone else under the bus to save her own ass. She is even willing to use guilt to put the boy she is responsible for putting in a comma in between his two parents. This is a new low even for her, but there is lower.


Finally, we have Holly Sutton. After coming to town and lying to everyone she seemed to once care about, Holly jumped on the Luke is God train and verbally browbeat Lucky for not praying at the alter of Luke. How dare he not kiss his ass like a good, loyal subject! She then forced us to watch as she drooled over him and prostrated herself at his feet. Gag.

But the real winner, er, loser is me.

I hate myself the most for putting up with this crap.

2 thoughts on “It’s time to play “Who do I hate the most?”

  1. I vote for Claudia as most hated right now. I haven’t been paying attention to the other story lines, so I’m not getting the full brunt of their suckiness. Usually, I dislike all things Carly, but in this instance I’m on her side…even though I loathe Michael, he’s a kid recovering from a shot to the head.

    • Yeah it seems that there is no low the writers won’t allow Claudia to sink to…and it is just gross.

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