Seriously? This is what I’ve been waiting for?

So, it may be my own fault that I had high expectations for yesterday’s episode, since past experience should tell me otherwise. However, I thought that maybe, just maybe, we would get some seriously good Patrick and Robin scenes. Instead we got what I would categorize as “meh.”

What’s my problem? you ask. We’ve had Scrubs yelling at one another for months and now they are finally being all schmoopy and fun. Be happy already!

Except I can’t. Because the show puts all this time in showing us lame-ass con flash backs with Ethan and Rebecca in bed and a few days before that showed us Rebecca and Nikolas in the stables for what felt like hours and I had to fast forward through most of it so that I didn’t lose my dinner.

And what do they do for the big Patrick/Robin reunion? A few measly lines and showing them cuddling after. It was a good thing I didn’t blink because I might have missed it.

I appreciate the idea of this scene, but the execution left much to be desired.

First of all, I could go the rest of my life without having to hear Patrick call himself “Dr. Love” again. Blech.

My other problem was with Robin going on and on about how she doesn’t deserve Patrick and how great he was for staying. I’m sorry? So if a woman is sick she should just be happy that the guy isn’t a total dead beat and hangs around?

I think it is realistic for Robin to feel guilty and apologize some. But with Patrick being the only one pointing out how condescending he had been and that he contributed to their dysfunctional dynamic, their conversation smacked too much of the oh so many conversations we’ve heard between Sonny and every other woman on this show or Jason and the same.

Now, I’m not saying that Patrick is anything like Sonny and Jason. But sometimes, it starts to feel like they are building up that pedestal and it freaks me the hell out. What I like about Patrick and Robin is that they feel like they have more equal footing than any other couple on this show. And it may be that the dynamic I love will continue, but I don’t have faith that the writers won’t screw it all up. *cough* Sonny *cough*

Plus, I’m just peeved that I didn’t get an extended hot sex scene. But hell, at least the characters are having sex, right?

Is it just me? Were other people happy with this?


5 thoughts on “Seriously? This is what I’ve been waiting for?

  1. I’ve gotta admit: I laughed at the “Doctor Love” line. And I found the rest of their scenes more cute and fun than infuriating (but perhaps that’s because the bulk of my ire was being used elsewhere.

    I do wish they’d address the ways that Patrick contributed to the problems between then during the PPD story a little more, but unfortunately, Robin’s missteps were so over the top that they’re overshadowing his.

  2. I did find them cute. It was just overshadowed by the fact that they obviously prioritize the stupid Rebecca plot over the Scrubs stuff and my fear that they will make Patrick one of the new saints on the show. There have been other things that have happened lately that remind me of the way they slowly started to praise Jason and Sonny and it makes me react irrationally. It is total PTSD from loving Sonny and Jason so much in the past and barely being able to stand watching them now.

  3. Wow! I love this blog post. Love it and totally agree with it. Even the stuff about Patrick being written more and more in the vain of how Sonny and Jason are written on the show. I know it’s a very unpopular view point and as a Scrubs fan, I hate to say it, but it’s how I see it too. I could go back as far as the broken condom (if not further), continue all the way through Robin’s HIV pregnancy and go right through Robin’s PPD to the present for proof.

    Pretty much any conflict between Scrubs these days turns out being Robin should be so thankful that her “irrational”, “controlling” and “obnoxious” behavior didn’t push the “patient”, “hot” and “brilliant” Patrick into the arms of some lucky lady. Patrick is an amazing guy but I just don’t like how the writing seems so pro Patrick in regard to everything he does and even when it’s clearly written that Patrick deserves an equal share of the “blame” it seems he’s more often than not let off the hook or the emphasis is placed more on Robin’s mistakes. I’m not suggesting that Patrick and Robin need to rehash anymore of the PPD or that we should go back and re-address stuff from Scrubs past, but moving forward, I hope this trend will lessen because as a Patrick fan I’m not interested in him being sainted on GH. It’s the surest way for me to turn against a character and I don’t want to turn against Patrick.

    As for the love scene, what love scene! I enjoyed what we got. It was beautiful to see Scrubs connecting again, but on the other hand I was disappointed! We didn’t get a reunion love scene last year when Robin was pregnant. We didn’t get a honeymoon love scene. We live through month of hell watching Scrubs struggle with Robin’s PPD, they are final back on the same page and we don’t get a love scene?! I’m not asking for anything gratuitous but I think it’s a big crock to suggest that you aren’t doing a love scene because you want to focus on the romantic and sweet aspect of a couple. Cabin sex day was very romantic and sweet. It also had a dosage of hotness, but it wasn’t raunchy. I can’t think of any reason why the team at GH wouldn’t be able to create something similar today.

    • I completely agree. Thanks for the comment. I’m glad to hear that it isn’t just me and that others see what I am seeing, too.

  4. I did blink and missed the entire scene, but I always DVR the show while I watch. It was beautiful, but I expected a really passionate love scene because they both were well over due.

    It’s a shame they don’t bring the same dynamics of this couple when they first got together, even though you get married, get older and have children things don’t have to change that much. I’m so looking forward to the fun love scenes that makes this couple even more adorable. I wish Karen Harris or someone other than Guza would write for this couple.

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