I think I’ve just met my soulmate.

Okay, I admit I was a little dubious when I heard that they were going to replace Kali Rodriguez’s adorably precocious version of Kristina with a Jason-obsessed teen bad girl. But so far, NuKristina has been a hoot in a half.

I like her dynamic with NuMichael’s Drew Garrett, and although I’m still not crazy about the idea that Alexis is too busy with her career to notice what’s really going on with her own daughter, I love the fact that while Kristina may be rebellious, she’s also exactly as smart and academically ambitious as her mom thinks she is. And whatever issues she has with Alexis, there’s still clearly a lot of love between them.

But let’s not kid ourselves. The real reason I’m suddenly feeling so sold on this SORAS is that far from worshiping at the feet of the Holy Hitman, she’s prone to mouthing off, calling him on his high handed hypocrisy, and giving him looks like this:


And then there’s her fabulously snarky reaction to getting a moral sermon from a mobster:

KRISTINA: I hope you’re not going to lecture me on the “evils” of pot smoking.

JASON: Just keep it away from Michael.

KRISTINA: Or what? I can’t believe you’re standing here with your scary look of disapproval when everyone knows that you kill people. Why don’t you stay away from Michael?

ME: ::slow clap::

I swear, if this kid wasn’t fictional, I’d be inviting her to join us on the blog. Clearly, we’re kindred spirits.


2 thoughts on “I think I’ve just met my soulmate.

  1. I loved that comment. It was the only thing I loved about the entire episode, although that isn’t a big surprise.

    • I keep watching the Kristina scenes with baited breath, waiting for the other shoe to drop and her to start sucking. I’m sure when it all inevitably turns to crap, I’ll look back on this post and laugh at myself for getting my hopes up.

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