I’m so disappointed in myself

I hoped, I longed, I practically prayed for Matt to get a story line and lo and behold, it is pissing me off. And I still wanted it even though deep down I knew it would be bad. Why do I do this to myself? My imaginary story was ten times better than this.

First of all, why does Matt have to continue to be Patrick’s dolty brother? Isn’t it great that Matt and Patrick basically have the same dynamic as Lucky and Jason? Again, my saint sensors are beeping. Ugh. 

Wouldn’t it have been infinitely more interesting if Patrick had insisted on doing this surgery himself and lost the patient? Wouldn’t that allow Patrick to question himself and realize that sometimes you lose patients, even if it is routine? I would appreciate seeing Patrick vulnerable, although I know we have seen this before. But apparently he’s never been sued for malpractice so that would be new.

Another question, was this really a routine surgery? The woman was barely breathing when they found her. The situation around the injury sounds sketchy at best. Would the family be all up in arms at the surgeon when they don’t even know what happened when she was injured? Dumb.

Also, the reason heath care in this country is out of control is because of the price of malpractice insurance. They even mentioned that Matt has that insurance for that very reason. Are we seriously expected to believe that none of the doctors at GH have ever been sued for malpractice? Well at least a real lawsuit, besides the one Tracy brought against Monica who operated on Luke while intoxicated. Considering this situation and the general lack of professionalism from other doctors on GH (I’m looking at you, Lainey), it is hard to believe that no one else had faced a malpractice suit before.  And why would the lawyer be speaking to the doctor? Shouldn’t Diane be talking to the hospital lawyer? Isn’t that not at all how things actually work?

I have many a time thought they should do more stories in the hospital because the show is called General Hospital, but now I’m not so sure. It would require the writers to do a little bit of research to make the story believable and that appears to be just too damned difficult.

All of this mess resulted in two of the very small number of characters I like getting into a fist fight. Now, I have psychological issues, so sometimes when men fight I find it hot — especially men that I think are attractive, like Jason Cook and Brandon Barash. This was just stupid. Mind numbingly stupid.

I know that this is leading to the mystery around the mayor and who knows if that will even hold my attention for two seconds. I will gladly concede if there is a justifiable reason for Matt to be the one who is being sued. Or if it turns out that Matt is found to be competent and vindicated after everyone questioning his abilities, I will gladly praise the writers for their awesome dramatic twist and actually giving Matt a plot.

Until then, however, I will be spending time in my imaginary GH where Matt is having a cute, sweet, hot relationship with an equally awesome female character that I’ve pretty much had to make up as well.


4 thoughts on “I’m so disappointed in myself

  1. This is why FanFic is so popular…

    I don’t understand why Matt has to get permission/approval from Patrick to perform an operation. Didn’t he get a job at GH b/c he’s a competent doctor, not nepotism?

    • I’ve never been into FanFic, but I can certainly see why people are.

      I assume, like most professions, that he would have to be a board certified doctor to get that position, after doing a residency and an internship. So yeah, I’m thinking Matt shouldn’t be treated like some dope who walked in off the street and decided yesterday that he wants to be a brain surgeon.

      I like the fact that Matt is at the center of this story, I just think they could have done the same thing without going on and on about how Matt has the bare minimum skills, while Patrick is so absolutely brilliant. We get it already. Patrick is extremely talented. That doesn’t mean they have to treat him like a god. I like Patrick down to earth with a side of confidence. I think they’ve painted Matt as the lesser brother since he came on the canvas. For once, I’d like to see him be better at something, anything, than Patrick. That would give their relationship more dimensions and be much more interesting.

    • Matt must get Patrick’s permission becuause 1) that is the proper protocol for treating a patient initially treated by another doctor, and 2) Matt is still a resident physician, and his attending physician is Patrick (I assume, since Matt is a nuerosurgeon also–meaning, tehcnically, Patrick is sort of Matt’s boss). That’s why the script has reiterated several times that Patrick is the “attending” physician. And the idea that Matt lacks Patrick’s experience is also correct–he doesn’t mean he isn’t skilled, it simply means he hasn’t performed the same number of procedures Patrick has, and isn’t as well-prepared to handle unexpected situations.

      • I don’t have the knowledge of a medical professional, but I don’t doubt what you are saying is true. My issue isn’t with those facts, it is how they are used to continue the same types of issues Matt and Patrick have had in the past. Although, I have to admit I didn’t realize Matt was still a resident. After seeing him perform surgery on his own in the toxic balls incident, I had thought that he had become a full doctor. Looking at the story from that perspective, I also would think that since Matt is a resident, then he would always need to be supervised if he had never done a procedure. So that makes sense that Patrick is responsible, but he is responsible because he didn’t follow hospital procedure, which wasn’t laid out clearly from the beginning. And it doesn’t make sense why Robin and the rest of the staff would be okay with Matt doing the procedure alone if those are the circumstances.

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