Wait, is it possible that I actually enjoyed an episode?

I know some people have felt that the quality of recent episodes of GH has been on an upswing. I, myself, have felt more neutral. There have been moments of annoyance, a few kind of fun moments, but nothing to make me want to write. Wednesday’s episode was different.

First of all, Patrick and Robin trying to shake down the mayor was great. I especially enjoy Robin being shown as having more expertise in this area and– hey, that even makes sense with her character history! Go figure. As much as I love baby Emma, when they start talking about Robin’s role as a mother I get all worried there will be some other contrived drama. I liked having this scene outside of the family realm. I do think it is important to mention that the Patrick and Robin stuff has been what I have found the most enjoyable in the past week, but this scene has been my favorite.

And hello, Matt! Even though I think this hospital mystery has holes that you could drive a truck through, the drama since my first reaction has been enjoyable and it includes much more Matt than we usually get. Add in some Matt and Maxie interaction and I was very happy. I really love their chemistry. If only they didn’t have to throw in a gratuitous Twitter reference. People use Twitter, they don’t really talk about following each other on Twitter. And we know a few of the writers are actually on Twitter, so you’d think they would get that. Oh well, one cringe-worthy event in an episode really isn’t too bad.

I have to say that although there are moments in the stories with the SORASed kids that I have issue with, overall I enjoy the actors and the fact that we are getting FAMILY stories out of this. Yay! I am torn about Michael being interested in the mob because it means more mob stories. But, I’ve accepted that to be a fact of life here on GH so if they are going to do it, throwing Sonny and Jason’s choices in their faces seems like a good way to do it. And really, it applies to all the adults on this show. There is a huge “do what I say, not as I do” dynamic and I think that makes for good drama.

Which leads to the other reason why this episode was good – so much Alexis! Not only lots of Alexis, but Alexis with Kristina and Sam! I’ve been waiting for this and it was as good as I had hoped for. These actresses are all great. I also think that Alexis pushing Kristina hard to be successful makes sense in terms of her character so I accept that as the cause of the friction. I also enjoyed Alexis and Claudia’s argument. I really hate Claudia more and more each day, so to enjoy her part in a scene is a real feat. Her argument about Kristina’s behavior makes sense in terms of her character’s background. So both women had personal reasons for their statements and argued without calling one another a whore! Holy shit!

Continuing along the other threads of this story, I also have to admit that I still enjoy Steve Burton’s angst. Not many actors do the teary-eyed man pain quite as well. I like how Michael’s situation has made him face his own behavior after his accident. And at least he is now openly admitting that he is a hypocrite. I guess you could call that progress?

Jason talking about going to Sonny to be taught and not letting anyone tell him no was a great lead in to Michael going to Johnny. It was logical given they had met earlier that week. I also am growing more and more fond of Brandon Barash, so anything that includes him works for me.

Add to all this the fact that I am really enjoying the actor who is playing Dominic, and like many others am assuming he is Dante,  I am overwhelmed by my positive feelings about this episode. It just…it can’t last.

And I’m sure once the Nikolas/Emily revamp, the Spencer family drama or Sonny himself comes back on screen, my feelings will indeed change.

6 thoughts on “Wait, is it possible that I actually enjoyed an episode?

  1. Well, you know I didn’t enjoy it as much as you did, although I agree that the focus on family has been a real positive step, recently.

    I was really annoyed by the Claudia/Alexis confrontation because it seemed really forced. I can’t even remember the last time these two interacted and I’m pretty sure Claudia and Kristina haven’t ever shared a scene, but suddenly Claudia’s supposed to be an expert on Alexis’ relationship with her daughter.

    And I can see that Alexis’ high expectations may have caused some issues with Kristina, but this sudden turn in the writing toward Alexis a control freak “stick to the plan!” mom directly contradicts what we saw when NuKristina was first introduced, and Alexis repeatedly told her she was working too hard and needed to make time to have a little fun as well. I thought that was a much more balanced portrayal and I’m sad to see the more typical browbeating of Alexis commence. Claudia acting like keeping Kristina from Sonny — who’s had SUCH a GREAT influence on Michael’s life, CLEARLY — was the worst sin in the world was really the last straw. On this show, Alexis can never win.

  2. In terms of Claudia sticking her nose into Michael’s business lately, I thought that the confrontation made sense. And I really thought that Claudia was revealing more about herself than Alexis and Kristina’s relationship.

    And I really don’t see her as contradictory. I think that she wants Kristina to have fun, but not do things to jeopardize her future. I really don’t see Alexis as a bad mom in these scenes at all, although I agree that may not be what the writers are intending. I think plenty of parents can have good intentions but if they are really focused on molding their child in one direction they can end up causing what they are trying to prevent (ie Kristina’s rebellion). And we all know that Claudia sees no trouble with Sonny’s life so anything she has to say about that is obviously biased. Considering how Claudia is being portrayed lately I have a hard time believing that the writers intend us to side with her, but maybe I’m wrong.

    Ultimately I enjoy three-dimensional characters who have both strengths and weaknesses and whose actions are informed by their background. It is when they do things that make absolutely no sense in character, like Claudia wanting to pull children into the mob life, that I get really annoyed. Although it is clear that the ship has sailed on that one. I think Alexis has always tried to control her environment in order to cope with the chaos around her and I can completely see her doing the same as a mother.

    *shrugs* We may have to agree to disagree on this one.

    • Also, after reading over my comment I realized that I am in love with the word really. I really think you should agree with me, really. You don’t think I’m serious? REALLY, I am!

      • I really have the same problem. REALLY. heh. I suffer from chronic adverb-itis, actually. You may not have noticed.

        I don’t think Alexis is a bad mom either, but I see that as being where the narrative of the show is heading, and it’s already giving me ulcers. In this case, maybe it’s past experience clouding what I’m seeing on screen, but I DID get the impression we were supposed to be agreeing with Claudia — at least to the extent that she’s more right about Kristina than Alexis in this situation, and I’m sorry but that just bugs.

        Mostly, though. I have no faith in this show to portray Alexis in a positive light. She’s always the crazy, irrational one, it seems, even though — to my ears — she’s often the only one making any kind of sense. I’m open to characters having flaws and being 3-Dimensional, but these writers haven’t convinced me they’re up to the task of writing one dimensional people yet. So, yeah…no faith. Heh.

        (ETA: As I right this it occurs to me that this is like you and your fears about Patrick being made into a Saint, a la Jason. It’s not quite what’s happening on the screen yet, but the signs are all there and you’ve been bitten before, so…)

        • I think your feelings are completely justified. In a case where it isn’t a conflict between a savior and a dupe, but rather between two characters who have been constantly undermined, I think it is a crap shoot as to who the writers are intending you to side with. There were a few moments, like the Jason and Michael parallel that I think are intentional, but otherwise, I don’t necessarily think the writers intend to portray the things I find good. I guess I’m not a strict constructionist in terms of interpreting GH text. I give myself a little leeway. I believe it is a coping mechanism.

  3. Nice summary! I agree that Wednesday show was enjoyable! I didn’t mind the Twitter ref. because just seeing Matt and Maxie together was a treat.

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