The best thing about watching this show…

…as of late, is listening to my husband’s Ethan impression. It’s something like a cross between the adults on Charlie Brown and a dying animal. And fortunately for me, usually accompanied by a hair flip or two.

For some reason, in recent weeks, he has been in the room with me while I’ve been watching GH. I think he’s amused by my yelling at the TV screen. He has even started asking me questions about the characters. I try to warn him that it isn’t worth the brain matter, but I guess when someone reacts in such a strong way it’s hard not to wonder what it is all about.

These past few days he has had to hear me scream things like, “Michael needs a foot up his ass,” “Oh yeah, Carly is a saint and Alexis is a horrible mom, sure,” and “Hey Sonny, Carly isn’t jealous of you – she just doesn’t want you to kill her children!” Gah.

As they started laying the ground work for Michael moving in with the Q’s, which is exactly what I had hoped for since I found out Michael was going to be SORASed, I kept telling myself that it wouldn’t really happen.

My desire increased as the story started playing out. The scenes with Jason and Monica were something my heart had longed for for about a decade. I have to admit, I may have teared up a bit.

Unfortunately, this great emotional scene was juxtaposed with Alexis getting browbeaten by her daughter and her bratty-ass half (step?) brother. I don’t believe in corporal punishment, but Michael seriously made me want to smack him across the mouth. And then watching him and Sonny commiserate over how horrible Alexis is as a mom just made me want to puke.

Now, I really wish I understood the writers’ thought processes, because the next Alexis scene we got had Diane come in and say basically what I was thinking. What’s with the double standard? Why can men sleep around and women are sluts? I’m not sure why they even throw that point of view in, since it is obvious that the show itself does not feel this way. Maybe it is the vigilante writer striking again. Anyway, stay awesome, Diane! You and Alexis should just run off and Thelma and Louise it around the country. Now, that is a show I would watch!

This entire escapade was bookended by Michael actually moving in with the Quartermaines (Did hell freeze over?), which ended up being very bittersweet. All I could think of is how sad it was that only Tracy, Monica and Edward live in that house. I couldn’t help but imagine how great that scene could have been with Alan, Emily, Ned and Dylan present. As much as I wanted this, now I kind of wish it didn’t happen because instead of being horrible and enraging, it is just plain sad and depressing.

So, to try to lift my spirits — and maybe yours — I will leave off with the only bright spot this week untainted by the past and present writing:

Doc1 3

Doc1 1

Doc1 5

Doc1 4

Doc1 6

Enough said.


2 thoughts on “The best thing about watching this show…

  1. The GH Soap right now is getting bad everyday, the writings are so horrible, and the rating is sinking , their viewers are disappearing and some are changing soaps to watch. Now, I wonder if this soap has future or the ending is coming and “no more GH soap to watch like GL”.
    Among the characters that is really worth watching in this show were the scrubs story with alexis but the others are just a trash! I mean the mob story is over and over , and the same story, i mean they had to create something for the mob story that is interesting to watch and “put more romantic scenes, that everyone of the soap viewers love to watch not everything is about angst, violence with nobody wants to watch those in front of their television. GH needs to listen what the “Fans and Viewers of the show for once and hired a great writers that knows how to write and not messing up the script of every story….GH has a lot of work to do to bring back their old viewers…………………….

  2. How about a litle more of Patrick and Robin in real hospital/home life and finally some love scenes makeouts whatever…and a little less of Carly chasing after Jax and there makeouts…and having so much air time while our favorite couple scrubs get seconds of air time?

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