They’ve finally had a complete break with reality

I’ve been trying really, really hard to suspend disbelief and enjoy the murder mystery plot. Patrick and Robin having fun together has been the only reason I haven’t been constantly yelling, “Where the hell are the police?” and, “Why is the DA asking the doctors if they have suspects? Isn’t that oh, say, a detectives job?!?”


But yesterday, my defenses were no match for the insanity.

Beyond the lack of any person on the police force who can do their job, apparently no one on security detail at Sonny’s or Alexis’ house is competent. I realize that maybe Alexis doesn’t always have bodyguards, but usually if the violence is ramped up, i.e. every other Tuesday, guards are put on the children. Because OMG, WE NEED TO KEEP THE CHILDRENZ SAFE!! Except when it is convenient for the writers. Then anyone, from anywhere, can walk up to either of their houses and just waltz in. Although now they are claiming that Sonny’s house has a security system, which I guess does not work on the nice double doors that enter into his living room. But of course, despite the fact that Sonny’s life is constantly in danger and Alexis’ job could easily make enemies, it isn’t possible that Alexis would have a security system. Uh uh. No way. That would make it too difficulty for the writers to move along what they seem to call “plot.”

But the last straw in this episode was when Carly seemed to pull a “temporary” driver’s license out of her ass. WTF? In what world could that happen? Did they get someone to go take the test for Michael? Are they really saying that Jax has enough powerful friends to be able to just ask for someone to give Michael a driver’s license? And their rationalization for making pigs fly is that Michael needs to be independent and test the boundaries. Maybe so, but Michael needs someone to clearly set those boundaries before he becomes a raving sociopath like his father. He is well on his way.

I know we all don’t watch this show for realism and life lessons, but it irritates me because anyone who knows anything about children knows that this is not how you parent, and any teenagers who watch this show are viewing a completely distorted picture of how to be a teenager. *sigh*

If they really want to break from reality, why not go all the way and have Michael discover he has a super power, like flying or laser beams that shoot from his eyes?

At least that might be something new and interesting.


One thought on “They’ve finally had a complete break with reality

  1. Sorry that this is a response three years later, but with AJ’s return now I just had to comment. One thing that really irritated the HECK out of me and I just don’t get: WHY WOULD YOU GIVE YOUR SON WHO JUST HAD BRAIN SURGERY AND YOU KNOW IS AGGRESSIVE A CAR AND A DRIVER’S LICENSE?! Does that not scream “Bad idea!”? Guilt parenting, much? Yeah, Sonny was SO much better than AJ. NOT!!

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