The one thing I can’t get enough of

Despite all the crazy plots that make no sense, despite the seemingly endless repetitive conversations, despite the utter boredom I feel during most episodes there are still moments that occur on GH that are pure fun.

These moments are rare, so we must celebrate them when they happen.

Now, I have to admit, I felt a smidge of contact embarrassment during this scene and the set up for it was the epitome of contrived. But, ultimately, the adorableness of Kimberly McCulloch and Jason Thompson prevailed. I found them utterly delightful.

This is what they do well. This is what they should have more of: the two of them playing together and having fun.

It wasn’t the nurses ball, but this scene was enjoyable for the same reason.  I would certainly appreciate it if the writers found ways to integrate these talents into the show more.

Plus, Patrick smacking Robin’s ass – who doesn’t want to see more of that?


8 thoughts on “The one thing I can’t get enough of

  1. I agree. GH has been so pathetic and dark lately. Yesterday was just plain fun. Yesterday’s scenes highlighted the chemistry that these two actors have, despite the efforts of the horrible stories they have been subjected to day in and day out. I can’t wait to watch the rest of karaoke night…I hope it is just as fun. This is what I want every once in awhile.

  2. I was thinking the same thing! This scene literally made the show on Friday for me. I sort of dread the inevitable yawn-fest to come with Spinelli’s karaoke “dilemma” (the lead-up conversations with Maxie have annoyed me and bored me to tears) – but I didn’t see this delicious Robin/Patrick scene coming and I loved it!!!

  3. I agree! For once! GH did a fantastic job ! this karaoke night with Patrick and Robin is just lade me cracked all the way! hahahaahha….Sometimes is nice to see that GH story will make us smile and forget the horrible writings…. For me, the past 6 months of watching robin dealing with PPD was such a very bad story for them that i have ever watched, i just don’t like the ppd is not worth watching seeing robib’s all the pain of having a PPD, i mean Robin/Kim is uch a great actress but the story of the ppd that they gave to them and patrick is just not right and the writing is totally bad . These 2 GH actors are such a tatented people, they can do whatever materials they gonna give with them , no matter how bad is the writing they are giving their best to make it work! So this time around Robin & Patrick Made it again! They are totally adorable, cute,hot and sexy couple and the chemistry was absolutely perfect! . They really wow me! and they can sing baby! So GH WORK IT OUT GUYS!!!!

  4. I LOVED Karaoke with Robin and Patrick.

    Kimberly and JT were just perfect and it is so refreshing to see a married couple out and having fun. They were hot,sexy and totally adorable. Loved the slaps to the butt and how natural and at ease these actors are together.

    Kimberly and JT have a wonderful chemistry and their scenes were so good and I loved the song and their antics.

    I’m rambling but I cannot help but still smile and laugh at how adorable Robin and Patrick were. I knew Kimberly danced but never knew she had such a great voice. JT pounding his chest and singing OMG JUST WOW GH.

    Please give this adorable couple some more great scenes like this. Love to see them sing to Emma next

    What a great surprise GH was for me because of Robin and Patrick’s Karaoke EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  5. I can not agree more the duet was great. Even my 2 year old loved it she keep asking me to see the dance! Kimberly and Jason have great chemistry together some times it seems a little to real!! Love the slap on the butt!!!

  6. Hah! I’m glad you already posted about it because I was just going to — I don’t even love this couple half as much as you do but those scenes were adorableness personified.

  7. Loved it!!! What a nice, welcomed surprise. KIMSON/SCRUBS were simply fantastic. Thanks Guza for letting “Awesome Writer” step in and give us some fun scenes. I’m sure after karaoke night ends, it’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program of suckage and boredom.

  8. I see I’m not the only one that sometimes has a hard time differentiating between where Kimson ends and Scrubs begins. Jason and Kimberly together are magically and Scrubs’ karaoke was pure joy to watch. GH needs more scenes with Scrubs being Scrubs front and center.

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