I’ll be your groupie any day….

I know that my co-blogger already posted about yesterday’s episode, but there were so many things bad and good, but mostly bad, that made my head want to explode.

First of all, I found it hilarious (and of course, enraging) that Sonny revealed his life philosophy in one sentence. I’m unable to get the exact words at this moment, but it went something like this:

Sonny to Olivia: “You hit me. Isn’t that what the girl does to the boy when she likes him?”

Yes, Sonny. In preschool.

And girls are just waiting for boys to show them who’s boss, they really like it when men force themselves on them, and they always want it!  I’m with my colleague when I say that was just barftastic.

Let’s move on.

So what’s the easiest way to start JaSam back up? Put her in a stripper outfit, of course!

Not only are they being lazy in putting together a previous couple, but they are doing it in the laziest way possible. I don’t hate JaSam, but if you’re going to revisit previous pairings, it would be nice if you threw in something different. Unfortunately, I’m sure the writers believe that Sam in very little clothing dropping into Jason’s arms is exactly the fresh, new scene we were all longing for. *eye roll*

But the real reason I am posting is, of course, Patrick and Robin. For me, Patrick has finally gotten his swoon back. Their playful dialog was the best part of the episode. It’s kind of starting to worry me. I’ve enjoyed them too much lately. So I will just try to sublimate that anxious voice in the back of my head by making screencaps.

Warning, the number of screencaps I make seems to be directly related to how pissed I would be if I get another horrible Scrubs story.

I hope you enjoy!

GH 1

GH 2

GH 3

GH 4

GH 5

GH 6

GH 7

GH 8

9 thoughts on “I’ll be your groupie any day….

  1. Re: Scrubs

    *sigh*…..I just want to draw hearts and rainbows all around them. They are simply adorable. Can I just say that my stomach has been in knots just thinking about the next Scrubs angst-filled sh!tastic s/l.

    This effing show.

  2. I’m still fast forwarding through all BUT the Scrubs scenes, which are just off the map lately in cuteness. I find myself grinning and oohing during R&P scenes, then rewinding and replaying over & over. They are my ONLY reason for watching GH anymore. I’ve enjoyed the Maxie/Spinelli scenes too but Scrubs are my main reason for tuning in…so please,dear writers,leave the Scorpio-Drakes happy & intact!! Viewers like me truly enjoy watching a normal couple/family doing normal, everyday things.

    And, a huge suggestion: give Scrubs a real bedroom on screen. They deserve more than a couch for goodness sake.

    • I’m with ya. We get a two episode love scene between Spinelli and Maxie, but only about two seconds of Scrubs. I like Bradford Anderson fine, but I could care less if I see him with his shirt off.

      For what other reasons do we watch soaps then to see hot guys practically naked?

    • LOL…I am not sure Patrick and Robin would know how to do it in a bed because apparently they haven’t seen one in a looooong time. We are not even sure if Emma was conceived in a bed.

  3. I love watching Patrick in love. He is totally swoon worthy. I actually have enjoyed the past few episodes of what otherwise has been a pathetic daily occurrence for me. I hope they continue to give these two screen time…because just about everything else is lacking on this show.

    • An episode without Patrick and Robin really is so much more boring and enraging than one with them. Why can’t the writers see that?

  4. Scrubs are the best thing on GH. I love watching them. I could do it all day long. They’re so adorable! Still waiting for a love scene though.

    • You and just about ever other Patrick and Robin fan out there. I really wish they would take the time to give the fans what they want and deserve for putting up with all the other crap they throw at us.

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